Love Affair with Breakfast

Breakfast and I usually don't get along. When I wake up in the morning, my stomach starts a fight and we get into a verbal argument. There is a lot of growling involved. This may all stem from the 5:30 am mornings for 4 years (seminary). Who is hungry at 5:30 am? My kind mother used to make me toast or get me granola bars to grab on the way to seminary, but I physically couldn't eat until school had started.

Well, just this morning I decided to try a new kind of oatmeal.

**Warning** the following review of Simple Harvest oatmeal will only be appreciated by oatmeal lovers (of which I am).

Initial Reaction: Delicious. Absolutely satisfying. Crushed wheat goodness with a hint of sweet brown sugar and the crunchy nuttiness of pecan.


Holly said...

Yum! As an oatmeal lover and frequent eater of it this sounds delicious and absolutely satisfying! Can't wait to try it...

Weed said...

This was a classic Jess review (unless it was Dave? How will we ever know???). I could actually hear you talking, especially when you said "Initial Reaction: Delicious."


And I too am an oatmeal lover, so I'll definitely have to give this a whirl.