Summer Things

Dave and I took the neighbor's dog on a walk today (we were asked to...it isn't like we snuck in and just took her).  Gosh.

Anyway, on our walk - I was enjoying myself.  It was so pretty outside.  We went during my favorite time of day when I HAVE to be outside.  7:30 - 8:30 (p.m. of course).  The sun is starting to set and there is a golden light all over the trees and houses. Kinda like this if we lived in the middle of a beautiful forest. In Ireland. With lots of sheep.

After coming back from the walk I looked online for some ideas on outside furniture for our future backyard (on that wonderful day when Dave and I own a house).  I went onto my favorite pretend web site (pretend because I could never actually afford anything from there) Restoration Hardware. This is my ideal backyard:
We would have to have the ocean imported.

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Jennah said...

YEAH for new Blogs! It's about time you posted something new! I'm Rick James...What? Where did that come from? I can't wait to see you in a month!