2 Movies You Should See

First, Penelope, which is a fairy tale-like story about a girl that is born with a pig nose because of a family curse. Starring Christina Ricci (which I actually liked in this movie...haven't seen her around much since Casper) and James McAvoy (excellent in this movie...known for his roles in The Chronicles of Narnia and Atonement). And of course this movie showcases the many talents of Catherine O'Hara (Home Alone and Waiting for Guffman). She is a very gifted woman as anyone who has seen Christopher Guest movies can attest to. The movie itself is whimsical and a wonderful modern day fairy tale.

The second movie, Martian Child, is one of the few movies that has brought tears to my eyes (I don't cry in movies very often). Of course, John Cusack (one of my favorite actors of all time) and Joan Cusack (hilarious as well) play off of each other so well as they are brother and sister in the movie. The story is about a writer who feels like he his living an empty life. He ends up adopting a child that has a lot of emotional baggage. Excellent premise...even better movie.
p.s. isn't John Cusack a washed up writer in like 3 or more of his movies now?


luke and briton alo said...

I love John Cusack too! I make Luke watch Better Off Dead way too much!

Cory and Lindsey said...

Hey how fun to find new friends on the blogging world! Thanks for the movie suggestions Cory and I are always looking for new movies to watch! Hope you guys are doing great!

Edda Phillips said...

Wow, I didn't realize you're an established blogger! I just started, but here's ours: