Colorado Winter Blues...NOT

Dear Global Warming,

Thanks for this nice weather.


Why do I say this? Because of the fact that it is mid January and today in Denver, this is the forecast:

Sunny- Hi: 70°
Highs in the 70s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon with gusts to around 25 mph in the northern and western suburbs.

It makes me feel like I am here:

Doing this:

Hey, I know it won't last...but let me enjoy the unusual warm weather, just this once.


Lee and Anna May said...

very funny :)

The Steoger Fam said...

And...I'm jealous. But I really can't be too much, cuz we're going to Maui in a month!

Jennah said...

Hey I got an idea...how about you blog about Lucy!

Laura said...

HI JESS!! My goodness, how are you?? It's so fun to catch up through blogs!

I feel you on global warming! We had 2 weeks here in Jan. with 85-90 degree weather... I LOVED it!

Check out our blog if you'd like:

Take Care,
Laura (Hulse) Davis