I Love Dancing

I was thinking to myself, "The 101st post better be special so I can show that the second hundred will be even better than the first hundred posts."

So, I present to you - dancing. Brought to you by So You Think You Can Dance, specifically Jeanine and Phillip. This was my favorite dance from the entire season. Enjoy!

p.s. Dave and I are going to see 500 Days of Summer in about 30 minutes, review to follow.

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Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Ok so I watched this with Aizley and about 10 other performances of SYTYCD on you tube with it. Now Aizley wants to be signed up for dance class, so we called around and asked a few people where they go. Thanks to your posting I think Aizley will be starting toddler dance class on Sept. 3