All my McQueen

My brother sent me this video of my nephews today. They decided that they wanted to showcase all their Lightening McQueen things.

Cute parts to notice:

1. Isaac's shirt is buttoned ALL the way up
2. He has his backpack on the entire video
3. At one point, they open a Lightening McQueen suitcase and what do they see? "Underwear!"
4. At the very end, after showing us the towel, Isaac says, "That's all today" like he is part of some kind of TV show.
(After you push play, it takes a minute to buffer)

I love imagination. I loved running around in the backyard of my house growing up, pretending I was a superhero, barbie, mom, dancer, gymnast, famous person, grown up, etc... (usually not all at the same time, but hey, I wouldn't put it past me).

Imagination is the best tool
for a kid in my opinion.
Next time I am home in Oklahoma, I will try to scrounge up a home video of myself and my siblings, playing in the backyard (which back then seemed like a 4 acre field full of wonder...it was actually about .25 acre).

In other (sad) news, my new 1 month old nephew Nathan is in the hospital. He has already been there for 2 nights, and it looks like he has to stay another night. He has a respiratory infection and he is on oxygen. I am so worried about him, please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you.


Jessica said...

Oh, I didn't know Nathan was in the hospital!! I'm so sorry to hear that - he and your family will be in our prayers.

Kirsten said...

1. That's super cute.
2. I'm sorry Baby Nathan is in the hospital. Alyvia was in the hospital for a couple days with an infection too just after she was born. I will be praying for him.
3. You guys seriously did have a 4-acre backyard. I loved that place.
4. Do not - I repeat do NOT - forget about the mermaid princess pool time!

brit said...


Kimberlee said...

im so sorry to hear about the baby!! i really hope he is ok and makes a quick recovery. There is notihng more scary than having a super sick baby. Keep us posted with how he is doing!!!