Lately I have been watching that show Extreme Couponing on TV.  It is amazing (if it's real) how these people walk in to the grocery store and spend $50 to get like $600 worth of stuff.  However, usually it's like 400 bottles of Gatorade.  

I wanted to start doing a little couponing of my own.  Here's how I do it:

  • Watch some blogs for big deals like money saving mom, building shangrila, and krazy coupon lady
  • When I see a deal on something I like, I go to ebay and buy the coupons.  For instance, These Nivea body washes were on sale at Target for $2.99.  There was a $3 off Nivea body wash in the Sunday paper (which I don't get...and I wanted more than 1).  So I found that particular newspaper ad on ebay, and someone was selling 20 copies of it for $10.  I paid $10 and got all 20 Nivea coupons in the mail within 5 days.  
  • I went to Target, the body washes rang up to $64.  They scanned all my coupons and my total was...zero. Zero dollars. Which means the body washes ended up costing me $10 total!

Same exact process for the toothpaste, only I paid only $2.00 for the coupons this time.

I just did a diaper run at Target and ended up getting jumbo packs of Huggies for $3.50 a pack (regularly $8.99).  The cashier looks at me weird when I unload 20 boxes of toothpaste, but we are seriously prepared for some teeth brushing in this family.


Ashley said...

What a fabulous coupon-er you are!! :) Yea! I love finding good deals, so thanks for these sites! I keep forgetting to check out that one you were telling me about!

PS have you seen the emails sending around for the $9 movie tickets via fandango? If not let me know and I'll send you the info!

Love and miss you gf!

Janssen said...

Good for you!

Jen & Jared said...

Way to go! My sister introduced me into the art of couponing and while I don't have the time to do a lot of it, I keep an eye out and can get some crazy awesome deals too!

I think with the extreme couponing that it's the equivalent of having a full time job :)