Gerber Baby

Every mom wants their baby to look like a Gerber Baby.  Remember this face?

Round mouth, round eyes, round head = cute baby

Well guess what, Gerber is having a contest for the cutest baby. Am I going to be one of those moms that solicits their children and enters them in to a vain contest like this?

Probably actually.

Because I think they are just that cute.

And the winner gets 50 grand, but whatever that's just a perk. Dave said the runner ups get iPad 2s - we aint got no runner ups in this family.  We are going for the 50 Gs baby (welp sounds like I'm committed already).

I think Jane and Ethan would have been friends with Gerber Baby.  Who is probably 97 years old right now.

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Julie Allen said...

I would totally vote for them....and of course it helps that you are an amazing photographer and they can't say anything about it cause you didn't have anyone else do it:)