Possible Money Making Idea?

So I always wondered if I could become one of those You Tube people who captures their kid doing something super funny and then markets it and becomes a millionaire.  Should I be morally opposed to doing this?  Not sure yet, we'll see how cute/funny/embarassing the potential video is and then I'll make the decision.

In the mean time, here is just a stinking cute video of Ethan laughing at Dave.  It went on and on.  I think he was actually super tired and slap happy, because at one point after we'd stopped filming, his little giggle turned in to a cry which turned in to a scream, and he was asleep within .02 seconds of beind put in his crib.


Ashley Clark said...

I love it. I thought that when I filmed Lily licking her Pack and Play. But apparently no one thought it was as funny as me.
Hi Baby Ethan!!

Julie Rowse said...

That is too funny. My three-year-old Mason was cracking up watching this with me. I love what babies find funny.

jkhoek said...

Ha! Adorable! Who knew Dave was so talented with his honks. I haven't seen Ethan do tummy time yet-he's so strong! Looking forward to playing with them :)

Kendall Watkins said...

So cute and funny. I love babies laughing!