Janey and Dave

Jane is a little more reserved than Ethan when it comes to giving up her laughs.  You have to catch her in the right mood.  On rare occasion, a few minutes before bed, she gets deliriously slap-happy and you can catch her in a silly mood

Also, in the last couple of weeks, she's been doing this thing where if you are playing with her she looks around to make sure that someone else is watching.  She wants to make sure everyone is noticing how much fun she's having.  She totally does it at the end of this video - she's just making sure I'm watching.

After clicking play, click the 360p at the bottom and switch it to 1080p - much better quality.
(There was your HD plug Dave)


Julie Allen said...

I love those beautiful kiddos laughs and squeals! Nothing better in life than that!!!

Kirsten said...

I may blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but that almost made me cry with its cuteness.

I wished we lived closer, like the old days (part 1 or part 2). :)

Erin said...

So funny!! Love it. Is Dave all better?