Summer Vacation Part 1 - Utah

At the end of June, we took our first vacation as a family!  Once we landed in Salt Lake, our first stop was to visit my Grandma.  She was happy to see her great grandchildren:

After visiting Grandma Vonda, we drove to Dave's house. 
Thanks to Grandma for letting us borrow her car!

Jane and Ethan got to meet their uncles Jonathan and Bryan (who are also twins)

And their uncle Layton
They were so excited to see their Grandma and Grandpa Shumway!

 They also got to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Eliason:

Then it was off to the best burger joint in the world...yes I said world...
Burger Supreme:
Dave and Bryan (they look just a little alike, don't you think?) with Jane and Ethan
He wants the burger, look at that face! That is a serious burger stare-down.
Ethan's first taste of a french fry.  Shortly after this he had a total meltdown.  I think he realized that there are finer things out there than the powdery white stuff we give him every 3 hours.
Sleepy Jane with Pattie

As we were about to leave Burger Supreme, there was a HUGE downpour outside.  Pattie sacrificed her nice outfit and beautifully styled hair to protect Ethan from the rain and load him up in the car. Dave ran out with Jane and was drenched too!
Matt had to dry Pattie off
Before heading off to Park City for a family reunion weekend, we had lunch with Kirsten and Joe at a delicious Thai restaurant.  I have known Kirsten since I was 3 years old and we are still best friends!

Then it was off to Park City.  Every summer, my mother-in-law's side of the family rents a big house up in Park City and the whole family gets together for an extended weekend.  The food, games, and company are all amazing!

No but seriously people, look at that double chin! And that roll-y little arm!
This is the famous Shumway side smile.  Dave does this and so do all his brothers.  I have seen both Ethan and Jane do it already.  So cute. :)
What is that face Ethan is doing?  I think he's done taking pictures.

Checking out Great Grandpa Eliason
She likes him enough to fall asleep in his arms!
Me and Janie Girl
Is he happy or sad?  Not sure.
Kathy, Shayne, and Lily with Jane sprawled out on their laps.

Grandma and Jane
Grandpa and Jane
Grandma and Ethan
Grandpa Shumway must have told Ethan a joke!
Pattie with Jane in our room at the beautiful Park City house.  Our room was so nice, we had the master suite thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Eliason.  I think they know how much STUFF you have all the time with twins! And we took up every square foot!
Ethan napping on Grandma
I love love love this picture of Ethan napping in his pack and play.  You should count the rolls on Ethan's arms.  I came up with 10! :)
Ethan finds his feet in Park City
Catherine and Shayne were the best helpers anyone could ask for!

 The Whole Group

Before leaving Park City, we stopped by to visit my roommates from college.  They were in Park City for a family reunion as well.  We found out they were only 5 miles away from us and we had to see them on our way out of town.
No I didn't have triplets, I'm holding Kendall's son Bryce.  But this is what it would look like if I did have triplets! Whoa. Head. Spinning...
Ethan and Bryce are friends already!
When we got back to Provo, Jane and Ethan got to meet another set of Grandparents! 
Great Grandma and Grandpa Shumway:

Ethan fell asleep sitting up!


We were all getting along just fine and having a great time...until...
Jane strikes again!
Grandpa Shumway is the victim and she got him good! I think he still loves her though.  He's just really careful around her now!

We took a trip to Brick Oven on Monday

Kicking back and chowing down

Tuesday we meet up with some friends that we met in Indiana while Dave was going to grad school at Purdue.  Look at all these cute kids!
Lily really likes Ethan :)

It was such a fun trip, Pattie had all the baby needs ready for us including a changing table, Costco size pack of diapers, wipes, homemade burp cloths and blankets for the babies, toys, books, pack and plays, swings, and bouncers!  It was such a thoughtful set up and we always had everything we needed.

4 Generations

E looks a little angry
Love this photo
Loving her time with grandpa

{Photo by Pattie Shumway}
{Photo by Pattie Shumway}

Nakey Booty
 And here we are on the way home.  This is the way to travel with twins!

Part 2 is all about our trip to Oklahoma!