Huge Giant Babies

Every now and then, I disappear.  It's nice for a while.  But when I come back, I have like 40 million blog posts that I need to update.  But instead of going back and catching up, at least for today, I just want to share this cuteness.

I can't even believe how beautiful these curly haired toddlers are.  This was from this morning, playing on the bed together.  They are going to be two in less than three months.  When did this happen?  Wasn't I just pregnant?  Weren't they just these tiny preemie preemies living in the NICU giving me a heart attack over not eating more than an ounce of milk?

Not any more.  These kids eat fruit snacks in bulk, down yogurt smoothies, run around the house making up dance moves, and talk in their own language.

Playing on a Friday morning: