6 Months Old

I can't believe I have two 6 month old babies.  I have always thought of 6 months as the point where babies are no longer newborns.  It's true.  They don't like to lay down on the ground anymore, they need to be sitting or on their stomachs playing.  They don't like to be cradled in your arms when they eat, they would rather be looking around. 

But they are still my little bebes. 

They will still fall asleep in my arms, smile when they see me, turn to hear my voice, and even whine when I leave the room (which I'm sure I won't find cute for very much longer).

Here are some photos I took of them before church on Sunday to remember them at 6 months old.  Pretty sure this is officially the cutest they have ever been (so far).




Just look at this cutie.  At first he would refuse any food that came from a spoon.  Then we showed him carrots. And for some reason, he didn't mind those.  He also didn't mind them in his eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, etc...


Ruffle Bloomers

She's in lilac ruffle bloomers and a beautiful cream hat.  A perfectly feminine outfit for a perfect baby girl.

Up next, some pretty sweet pictures of Ethan with carrots all the way up to his eyebrows. :)


My Girl

Just had to share this photo I took of Jane today.  Her sweet smile is so precious.  Her lovey eyes.  Her cute little nakey-ness.  It is so her. 



Every kid loves airplane.  When we first started trying it with our babies, they were a little unsure about it/their safety.  Now it's one of their favorite things.  And this is one of my favorite things.  Especially the squeal about half way through.