March and the Case of the Curious Red Marks

March was a fun and interesting month.  It started out with a fun visit from Layton, Dave's brother.  He came to visit and go to the Radiohead concert with us.  It was a freaking amazing concert!  It was so much fun.  This was the second time Dave and I have seen them in concert.  Last time was in St. Louis.

It was pretty amazing and a really fun night out.  Reminded me that I really love music and even though my daily tunes have changed drastically (from Radiohead, Stars, Shins, and Weepies to Old McDonald, BINGO, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Wheels on the Bus) I still really love my music.  It moves me, it makes me feel emotion, it gives me ideas.  I want my kids to feel that way about music too.

Of course we had to show Layton some of what Texas has to offer.  Chuys, a Friday Night Lights tour, and Rudy's BBQ, just to name a few:

E really liked hanging out with Layton.  We have always thought Layton's baby pictures look a lot like E.  I think it means they are best friends. :)

Handsome guy all snuggled in a blanket 

Watching Baby Einstein 

Beautiful Girl

Welcome to my kingdom, can I help you? 

Oh that Upper Lip 

Still toothless at 13 months old :) (remember this was March) 

I love when Jane sits like this.  Such a little girl thing to do. 

Curly post bath hair 

I sat in their room with a camera and called their names.  They came crawling around the corner, seeing who could make it to me first! 

Then everybody cried and went down for a nap.  But cute pictures huh?

It was so fun to have Layton here, we love visitors!

and now...

The Case of the Curious Red Marks

One day Jane and Ethan were playing together with this cool toy that a friend let me borrow.

The babies were getting along so well and were so cute and had no red marks anywhere on their bodies.

Ethan really liked the toy that a friend let me borrow. So every now and then, Jane would snuggle Pooh bear, or try to distract herself somehow.

But she really wanted the new toy.

Really Bad.

Next thing I knew, this happened:

One on each arm.  And guess who was playing with the new toy, happy as can be?  Jane. 

Case of the Curious Red Marks SOLVED

And that was March.  
(Don't worry, he got her back in June, when we finally got top and bottom teeth)


Happy Father's Day

It's Dave's second Father's Day.  Last year, the babies were only 4 months on Father's Day, so they showed him how much they loved him with spit up and blow outs.  Now they show it by touching his plasma TV with their cheese hands.

They also show it in sweet ways, like this morning when I got Jane up and put her down on the rug in the family room, she yelled, "Daaaaaad!"  Guess she knew it was his day and she wanted to say hi.

He also got multiple bear hugs from them and some kisses, so that's pretty great too. :)

All the words from that post a year ago are still true.  But there are new dimensions to his fatherhood today.  He is patient, loving, and kind - more than me most times.  He inspires me to be a better parent.


The Rest of February (yes that's 4 months ago)

Even though I have so much to write about my two 15 month old babies, I can't ignore the rest of February (and March, April, May).  Especially since we were lucky to have our good friends Clark and Amy here for a visit.  Amy and I put together a Valentines morning feast.

The babies got some new books for their Valentine's Day present.

Ethan and his new buddy Emmett 

Getting ready to go to dinner, feeling fancy wearing shoes!

They were definitely the 3 cutest babies at church that day. :) 

I'm seeing a betrothal here.

Clark singing to Ethan, teaching him how to play the guitar 


My pretty lady 

 Love that smile

Opening the drawer... 

Feeling so grown up 

My handsome-ness 

Such a happy guy, his smile spreads from cheek to cheek. :) 

When Jane wants to move somewhere, but doesn't want to risk her toy getting stolen, she finds a way to take it with her:

Silly Girl 

Racing each other to get to me {or the camera}

Then my parents came in to town for the babies birthday celebration.  To see photos of their party, click here: Jane and Ethan are One!!

Then on their actual birthday, the real cupcake mess began...


 The Bath After the Mess: