It's My Birfday

Yesterday I turned 25

Here's what went on:

Breakfast of Champions

The treasure was ---> a new camera :)

We also ate at a cute Italian restaurant
and saw the movie Taken (it was pretty good)


Colorado Winter Blues...NOT

Dear Global Warming,

Thanks for this nice weather.


Why do I say this? Because of the fact that it is mid January and today in Denver, this is the forecast:

Sunny- Hi: 70°
Highs in the 70s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon with gusts to around 25 mph in the northern and western suburbs.

It makes me feel like I am here:

Doing this:

Hey, I know it won't last...but let me enjoy the unusual warm weather, just this once.


Canada Night

As some of you might know, I am (kind of) Canadian (sort of).  I can't really claim to be Canadian all the way because I wasn't born there.  However, both of my parents were born there, and almost all of my relatives live there.  My parents moved to the US for college, and after they got married and my dad graduated from Law School, they moved to the place where he got the best job offer...Oklahoma.  My dad tells me that when he applied for the job, they had to look on a map to see where this Oklahoma place was!

Anyway, the other night, some friends of ours came over and we had Canada Night complete with shepherds pie (an Alberta favorite), butter horns for dessert, and the main attraction...Strange Brew.  Kirsten and Joe were kind enough to make festive hats for the occasion.

Butter horns (my grandma's recipe)
 Don't be hatin', you just wish they made you one too.

Ya hoser.


Christmas in Breck

Dave and I spent Christmas eve and Christmas day in Breckenridge, Colorado which is a little ski town. We stayed at a cute lodge there. We brought all of our Christmas presents up with us, went shopping, drank hot chocolate, and watched Christmas movies all night! Oh so fun and oh so cold. Really cold.

On the the gondola ride at Breckenridge Resort

Trees just outside our lodge

Entrance to our lodge

The view just outside our room



Here are some photos from the cruise that Dave and I went on over Thanksgiving with my family. We sailed to Cozumel, Mexico. It was so much fun!