Swine Flu I Hate You

Dear Swine Flu,

If you ruin my vacation to Cancun I will never forgive you. I hope you rot in you know where.

Jessica Shumway


Naps, Popcorn, and Rummikub

This Sunday was a really good day. We went to church in the morning (which was wonderful as always). After church, we made cheesy ham and potato soup and ate a lot of it. Then we fell asleep for an hour.

Have I ever mentioned that I looooove naps? I always have.

After the nap, Dave made his famous popcorn (recipe= buy light popcorn and then add lots of melted butter and salt). Of course we couldn't eat popcorn without sodas, so we walked to our apartment vending machine (in the rain, which is just cute) and got dr. peppers. We came back and watched a show while we ate our popcorn and sipped our soda.

The day ended with 2 intense games of Rummikub (seriously my new favorite game, I am addicted)...and, ahem, I won both games!

Now go take a nap or pop some popcorn and add extra butter and salt.
That's happiness right there.


One Day

That's the amount of time that I could keep a secret from Dave. I am taking him on a vacation for his graduation present, and I said that I would give him 1 clue a day until we leave (May 17). I bought the plane tickets this morning and let's just say...he already knows where we're going.

The only clue I gave him was...pack sunscreen.

I had some good clues up my sleeve though. I was going to say, pack short sleeve shirts only, bring your passport, buy a spanish dictionary (that one would have to be toward the end).

Anyway...he comes to bring me lunch at work today and I ran outside to meet him and said I couldn't wait any longer! So I had him sit down at my work computer and I had images up on the screen of Cancun!

Beautiful Cancun...see you in 32 days!

The Man's Got Skills

Am I aware that this is the second post title in a row using the word skills? Yes. It was necessary.


This guy gots em'

My hubs ---> D. Shums

Here is a trailer for an upcoming game called The Conduit. He did all the audio. Any sound you hear...he did. Meaning that he performed it, recorded it, created it, etc...

This is what he does for homework:



Spending the Weekend with Kate and Ian

Meet Kate and Ian. They are Dave's cousins that live down in Colorado Springs. Kate is 2.5 years old and Ian is 9 months. A few weekends ago, Dave, LeAnne, and myself babysat these two cuties for 4 days. They were angels! How many kids do you know that actually remind you of bedtime. :) Dave's aunt and uncle went to NY for a business trip, and we jumped at the chance to stay in a big house and hang out with these guys!


BeAuTiFuL Sister ~ Makes it easy to take a good picture

My little sister LeAnne, who is 17, has been visiting us in Colorado for a few weeks. This Wednesday, she and my mom are moving out to Australia for the summer to be with my dad who is there on a year long work assignment. Before she left, I wanted to experiment with some senior pictures (since she will be one next year).


Our Dangerous Experience Involving a Homeless Man and Cops

Yesterday, my sister LeAnne and I were in Denver taking some senior pictures at the Civic Monument downtown. We noticed a few homeless people hanging around the area, but didn't really think anything of it. Toward the end of the shoot, a very large homeless man was walking toward us saying, "Girls, I need to talk to you...come here Dang-it!" Slurred speech and everything.

I just grabbed LeAnne's arm and said, "We need to go now." We started walking away from him, and he followed us, yelling the same "I need to talk to you" bit. Throw in a few profanities and add the fact that he was gaining on us, and you get 2 girls who are scared but ready to kick some drunk homeless guy butt if needed.

We were almost to our car by this time, so we just booked it and got inside. We locked the doors and turned around to see where he was. Just then 2 Denver police officers came running from across the field, they tackled and handcuffed him. They went through his bag and poured out all his alcohol. He was in trouble for something...not quite sure what because we didn't stay around much longer.

So that is my story about yesterday. It was quite interesting. Also, LeAnne's senior photo shoot went really good! I will post some photos from it soon!