Denver, here we come...

A guest post by Dave!!

Jessica and I joke about how one of these days we're going to settle down in a place for longer than two years. I mean, I guess we've only moved four times in the three years we've been married, but it still gets old pretty quick.

Well, now we can make that five times, because we're on the move again!

As of 3:56 pm EST on Friday, March 21st, 2008, I was accepted to the Masters of Recording Arts at the University of Colorado at Denver. For those who know me, this really is a dream come true...and completely unrelated to what I've been doing for the last two years :)

I've always been involved with music, but it wasn't until just before my mission that I got into audio recording. When I came back I did as much as I could on my own, but Provo just didn't really have much to offer in the way of studios to work in, or even a significant music scene.

And no, Muse Music doesn't count.

So I graduated in Psych and then did the business school thang for the last two years, knowing all along what I really wanted to do, without knowing exactly how to make it happen. Then late last year Jessica stumbled across this Masters degree in Denver and something just clicked.

Wait a second -- I could work in a studio or out of my home, but do it as a university professor and actually have a real job??? Too good to be true. But then I found that one of the new faculty members there was a BYU alum and I called him up for some advice. He said the program was outstanding, that schools from all over the country recruit their graduates, and that he was in the job he'd always dreamed of, just 20 years sooner than he anticipated!

I liked the sound of that, so I applied in January, and as of last Friday, will be starting their program in the fall.

Another move? Sure.
More student loans? Probably.
The chance to be truly happy in my career while still being able to provide for my family? Priceless.


There is Beauty All Around

My mother is a woman full of wisdom. She used to tell me to look for one good thing in every day. She would especially emphasize this when I was having a hard time with school, work, friends, or all of the above (welcome to being a teenager).

Last Thursday, as I was driving to work, I was already having a bad day...I decided that I better start looking for my "one good thing" early on. So I put on "Happiness" by the Weepies and starting looking around as I drove to work.

When you are looking for good things, they are easy to find. Within the 10 minute drive to work, I saw a sunrise, a man playing fetch with his dog, a dad and his little boy taking a morning stroll, and a woman watering some vibrant spring tulips.

My mom, being the genius lady that she is, was right. I try to keep this perspective. Some days are easier than others, but it's always better than looking for the alternative...because you are sure to find that as well.


One Outlet to Rule Them All

So I just got done vacuuming the house, and I was able to keep the vacuum plugged in to the same outlet for the entire apartment.

There is something wrong with that.

As I pushed the vacuum down the long corridor to the ample master suite, I realized that the vacuum was still plugged in to an outlet in the kitchen.

And as I vacuumed the over sized walk-in closet, I realized that the vacuum was still plugged in to the same outlet in the kitchen.

If a vacuum cord can reach from the kitchen to the closet in our bedroom...Dave and I need a bigger place.


Adventures in Housesitting

What a treat, it's a guest post by my hubs Dave!

After living for the last three years in various apartments (and hotel rooms!), we've often wondered what it will feel like to live in a house someday. So when one of my co-workers asked if we wanted to stay at their place and watch their pets while they went on vacation over Spring Break, we jumped at the chance. Ok, I jumped at the chance. Jessica had a slightly more realistic view of what was likely to happen, but for a little extra walking around money and license to eat anything in the house we could find, I agreed.

Hi this is Jessica now. Dave went upstairs to make popcorn (it is kinda fun to live in a place with an upstairs). So, the dog we are taking care of is named Stella (and yes she's got her groove back). She is cute and fun. A lot of work...but cute and fun. Now the cat, Figaro, is another story. He never stops meowing. And when he is meowing, it sounds more like a mechanical robot that is dying because it is running out of batteries (mmmeeeeeeoooooww).

Dave and I are going to be glad when it is just us 2 again, even if that means we don't have an upstairs.

 Check out icanhascheezburger.com if you are in a silly mood. Thanks to Layton Shumway for discovering this website.


Dogs with Funny Names

I have 2 schnauzer doggies, they kind of look like old men.

Pictured on the left: Doby Gillis II
Pictured on the right: Winston Churchill II


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