About Him...

My heart is so full of love today. It has been 5 years since Dave and I were married in the Salt Lake City temple.

We met at college after he randomly asked me out on a date (we had a class together). I wasn't sure about him at first...I mean who asks out a complete stranger? But then, I got to know the kind, sweet, funny, encouraging, spiritual, loving man that he is.

I just have to say that as the years go by, it just keeps getting better.

We still laugh until we cry, dance in the living room, and snuggle when we watch movies. He usually does the dishes because he knows I despise it and I do the laundry. He vacuums, I dust. It works. And it works even better now than it did a year ago, or even a week ago.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to eat one of my chocolate covered strawberries that he surprised me with today and change into my yellow summer dress for dinner.


Does This Make You Want to Come Visit?

Recently we had the joy of spending a few days with some of our best friends, Clark and Amy from North Carolina. We had to show them around Austin, luckily we had beautiful weather.

First stop...

Then we headed to the Botanical Gardens in Austin

A quick stop for some yummy lunch...
Credit given to Lauren and James for showing us Top Notch

Then it was off to Mount Bonnell which offers one of the prettiest views of Austin I have seen to date:

After Mount Bonnell, we headed to the Capitol building. We walked around the inside (so beautiful, I must do a photo shoot there some time soon).

Then (on the lawn of the capitol) we broke out some board games that we got at the local used book store for 2 dollars
It was such a fun time! And I didn't even mention the amazing Indian food, movies (ahem...2012), outlet mall shopping, and Rock Band. Love you Clark and Amy!


I Never Thought About That Before

"I never thought about that before." One of my absolute favorite phrases to hear from my students. Especially when it is something that can be applied to their lives in the future.

I was teaching one of my students (19 year old kid trying to get his diploma) a concept about child development and he was genuinely excited about it. We were talking about reading to a child when they are young and how important it is to introduce books into a child's life from the time they are an infant. I asked what his favorite book was as a child and he said he had never been read a book.

Never been read a book? Never? I thought he was exaggerating for a second, but he sincerely could not think of a single book he liked or had been read his entire life.

We talked about how reading to young children helps their language development and encourages them to read on their own once they know how. He said, "I never thought about that before. I want to do that when I'm a dad."

My little teacher heart was very happy.

p.s. Here are some of my favorite books from when I was a kid:


What's It All About?

While watching American Idol at a friend's house last night, we paused it for a sec

and this popped up:
Notice above after "Music/Art. (2010)" what it says:

"American Idol starring Ellen DeGeneres and some other people."

Ellen, your world domination tactics are working. American Idol is now yours. But can you please share with Randy cause he's my favorite. Oh and Ellen, I really like your show. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a job so I could sit home and watch it in my pjs.