9 Months ~ No Arrow Needed

Remember when I posted this?
The very first picture of my prego-ness:

I think I was 3 months in this picture

 No arrow needed

The babies have a scheduled birthday of March 11 if they don't come earlier.  And the best news of the day?  Today (since it's past midnight) is my LAST day of work before the babies come.  My feet and ankles are thanking me already.


You Huge

Sunday afternoon is probably one of my favorite times.  Especially if it's 60 something degrees and sunny outside like it was here in Austin (loving February in Austin).  We opened the doors and windows and made waffles with fruit and syrup.

Ok so this next photo contains a sneak peak of the remodeled kitchen, which some of you know was one of the biggest tasks we did to the house (next to the wood floor - that was the BIGGEST task of them all).  I will post some more before and after photos in the near future. 
The beautiful sight I am referring to is the cute husband making waffles, but the kitchen is a beautiful sight too.  Even if there are dishes in the sink and baby stuff lining the counter tops.

I just cut this little stem from one of my bushes in the front yard and put it in a vase I got for 3 bucks at the West Elm outlet.  It makes me happy to look at it. :)

One of my wonderful friends brought dinner to us a few weeks ago when Dave had the flu and she also brought tulips to cheer us up!  They were such a beautiful color I had to take some pictures.

By the way, wondering if waffles have been a topic on this blog before?  Oh yes they have, along with more Sunday afternoon love:

I will leave you with a funny story.  Yesterday I went to get a pedicure thanks to a wonderful gift from one of my friends.  I walked in and the lady greeted me warmly, "Hello, welcome."  Then came around the counter and just said one word, "Whoa!" I just laughed and said, "Ya it's twins."  She said, "You huge."


The Babes at 35 weeks

Look at this little profile.  He always has his hand up to his mouth!  Little cutie.

And check out this little face.  I think she might have chubby cheeks! I love that little hand up to her face.
 I went to the doctor this last Wednesday and she said I was measuring 43 weeks if I had one baby.  OUCH!  That explains the:


So what does that mean?  I will measure 46 weeks when they come?  Uhh...crazy.  Speaking of that, she said she thought I would make it all the way to 38 weeks.  It would be wonderful for the babies and awfully painful for me - BUT I only have 1 more week of work, so I might be able to do it after all.

I am so happy these babies are doing ok.  Baby girl weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces and baby boy is 5 pounds even.  We're hoping they will each gain 1 more pound before they arrive.  Then I will definitely be ready to be DONE with over 12 pounds of baby in here.

When Dave and I found out we were having twins, it was a mix of emotions.  First thought was oh my gosh!  2 little babies!  What a blessing!  Then Dave stayed on that positive thought and my mind went somewhere else.  Sometime like --- how am I going to ever leave the house/sleep again?  Dave was my rock during this time when I was so nervous.  He always says it's our family, we'll make it work.

I couldn't do this without him.  Especially because he is such a pro at rolling me over and pulling me up off the couch, bed, floor, etc (no seriously people...I have NO ab muscles left at all).

We always pray that the babies will make it full term and be at least 6 pounds.  It's looking like it just might happen. :)


Valentine's Day in Brasil (that's how the cool kids spell it)

Some of you know that Dave went on a church mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil a while ago. We enjoy the occasional trip out to eat Brazilian food - usually to celebrate something at an expensive place where they bring around meats.  Tons of thinly sliced salty meats.

Well we decided to try a traditional Brazilian place with a chef that literally moved here from Brazil and opened a restaurant.  Here's the thing.  It was in the ghetto.  Like the for real East Siiiiiiide Austin ghetto. We were following the GPS directions; just looking around like...there's going to be a restaurant here?  All we saw were pawn shops and check cashing places.  Then we saw the little hut of a restaurant sandwiched in between an abandoned daycare and a mobile home with a chain linked fence and a pit bull in the backyard.  Cool.
I told Dave we could skip it and go to Olive Garden if he wanted to, but he was all for it.  We went inside and there were probably like 8 tables total (from Ikea) each with a yellow rose in a cup (yes a cup) of water.  Loving it more and more.

But you know what?  It was fun.  The chef personally said hi and "hope all 3 of you enjoy your dinner."  Of course I pointed to my belly and said, "Don't you mean all 4 of us?" Then we all threw back our heads and laughed like we were best friends.  There was a live band playing in the back (which was about 10 feet from what was considered the front).  We ordered some traditional food that took Dave back to the days of the mission. And we occasionally reached over the table and kissed.  Correction: Dave reached himself over the table while I sat perfectly still (blocked by the belly) and we kissed.

I mean of course there were certain moments (like when the older couple in matching velvet red blazers walked in smelling like weed) where we just laughed it off and chalked it up to keeping Austin weird.  Did you know that's a saying around here?

This guy is even wearing a puka shell necklace.  Remember those from middle school?
Photos from the evening:

Basically, we need to get better cell phones that have better cameras on them, don't you think? 

Hope you had an excellent valentine's day!


Blankets of Beauty

I got a special package in the mail for my birthday from Dave's mom.  She finished making these beautiful hand sewn quilts for Le Bebes!  We picked out the fabric over Thanksgiving and I love love love how they turned out.  So beautiful. 

All I'm saying is she should start up an Etsy store right?  Who wouldn't be interested in buying one of these beauties?  Thank you Pattie!! :)

Can't wait to wrap our little ones up in these.  They will be cherished for years to come.