Updates from Utah, or Why I am Gaining 10 Pounds This Trip...

Look here's the thing. Dave and I have all our favorite restaurants here, so we center everything around a meal. Which means that we eat all the time while we are here. Saturday was Zuppas Wisconsin Cheddar Cauliflower Soup followed by a chocolate dipped strawberry.

Right after I finish this blog post, we are headed to Salt Lake to eat at Chuck a Rama with my grandma and grandpa. What's on the menu tonight you ask? El Azteca nachos. "Whew seems like a lot" you might say. Hold that thought because tomorrow morning is french toast at Kneaders.

What can I say, when there's good food to be had, have it? That was weak. Just trying to think of an excuse.

Here are 2 photos from the wedding, more to come!

Mostly what I did the entire wedding day

Dave and his brother were the cinematographers for the event


Updates from Utah part 1

We have been in Provo now for 3 days, and I gotta tell you - we love it here.

The crisp air, the mountains, the soft green grass, the LACK of humidity. :) It's all good and it's all beautiful.

The second that we got in to town, Dave and I met up with some old friends and went to Burgers Supreme. There are few times that I see Dave as happy as he was on our wedding day, eating at Burgers Supreme is one of them.

Thursday we helped prep for the big wedding and I actually went to a Child Development class with my sister Steph. I was a college kid again! Too bad it was the class on birthing and delivery with a very detailed video that I tried to forget from 2003.

Friday was the wedding and it was perfect. The Salt Lake temple was as beautiful as ever, the sky was deep blue, the air was cool and carried the smell of flowers from temple square. Dave's little sister Meagan was married to Matt at 8:20 that morning. Pictures to follow (I won't post all 107 of them though).

Dave and I have a certain fondness for Provo, since we met, dated, and got married here. Every time we visit, we toy with the idea of living here one day. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for right now, I am headed to Cafe Rio to enjoy a pulled pork salad! :)


Observations and Musings

Yesterday, we picked up Dave's new suit (which he looks hoooooottttt in by the way).

While he was trying it on, there was a little girl, about 9 years old waiting outside the fitting room with me. As I sat down, she immediately asked

how I was doing and what my name was.

I thought that was really nice of her. She was striking up a conversation. I probably would have sat there, staring at the wall (as opposed to the news story on Wall Street that was on TV) the whole time if she didn't say hello.

She asked if I was waiting on a guy too and I said yes. She also said (with much attitude and an eye roll), "They take such a long time don't they?"

Now hold on, who are you? Are you 9 or 30? And who exactly are you waiting on?

Turns out she was waiting on her dad. When he came out, she said, "Looks really good dad, are you going to buy this one?" He said maybe and went back into the fitting room.

She said to me, "is your guy buying a suit because your getting married?" I said, "No, it is for his sister's wedding, we are already married." She then squealed and came over to see my wedding ring.

I miss being 9.
I miss having a vivid imagination (in my day we didn't have toys...we imagined them). I miss my trampoline. I miss running and never getting tired, jumping through the sprinkler with no thought of smearing black lines of mascara, and riding my bike until my legs didn't work right anymore.

Me and "my guy" are off to Utah tomorrow morning for Dave's sister's wedding.
I love weddings, especially when it was my own

I will most likely be blogging abroad (which means from Provo). Hope everyone has a good week!


A New Toy...

Well folks, it happened. Dave got the motorcycle of his dreams. A vintage 1980 Suzuki 250cc:

And I gotta say, it's a fun little bike and he looks pretty hot when he's riding it (around the parking lot that is...he hasn't taken the motorcycle safety class yet).

Coming soon - a special announcement about j. shumway {photos}


Labor Day in the Country

Dave and I had a few days off for Labor Day (and who are we kidding, I'm not working right now - so I had more than a few days). So we packed up the car and headed off to Oklahoma to see my family.

The trip was PERFECT in every way. We got to see my nephews Isaac and Alex. And almost everyone else, missed you Steph!!

Saturday we did a river trip (Labor Day tradition) complete with rope swing, yes I tried and yes I got major rope burn. I was extremely lacking in upper body strength.

During one of the stops along the river, I had Isaac on my back and while we were swimming, we got swept up in a current. We could not get out of it and cute little Isaac (age 5) was screaming to my mom and dad, "People...this is serious, bring the boat, we are drowning."

His little plea was making me laugh, which made swimming even harder and the water was cooooold.

Luckily my knight came to save us (btw it was Dave, not just some random guy). Isaac said to me, "I'm glad Dave came so we could save you."

Saturday night was the BYU/OU game and BBQ. Goooood burgers and all the fixings on the side. Dave pulled himself away from the game for 5 minutes to take the boys for a ride on the 4 wheeler in our backyard

Of course Dave was very happy because BYU won! :)

Sunday we had church and then had a dinner that can only be explained as Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed corn, ceasar salad, jello & crescent rolls. Ya. It was good.

Sunday night I took some photos of my sister LeAnne for her Senior Pictures (I can't believe my baby sister is 17)!! And I took a few of the boys, so you could see their true personalities:

Shy and curious

Not shy and quite the crowd pleaser
This was taken right after Alex decided to pee in the yard.

Isaac age 5

Alex age 3

Aaaaand this is what our miniature schnauzer Winston did most of the time

Here are a few of my sister LeAnne and I:


Music Music I Love Music

When I was in 3rd grade, my mom started me on piano lessons. I hated them. I had a mean old teacher named Nora who had 3 smelly dogs and always wore shorts that were awkwardly short. Spider veins scarred my 9 years old eyes. I thought, "music is for losers."

Now, at 25 years old - I am SO glad I took those piano lessons (a.k.a my mom made me stay in them).

Music is such a huge part of my life.

{pretty cool that I married an audio guy huh?}

Of course I love the Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff music out there. But I love solid instrumental rock music.

Ok that sounded weird.

I am not talking about Yanni

I am talking about rock, folk, pop whatever it is that has an element of instrumental beauty! To illustrate what I mean, here is my latest Weepies playlist (thanks to Martin and Diana for introducing us to this amazing band).

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Instrumental and vocal beauty.

Other bands you should check out if you agree with me: Stars, Travis, Wilco, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Shins, Postal Service, Guster, Imogen Heap, Feist, Frou Frou & Andrew Bird