Goodbye Colorado

Dear Colorado,

You have been wonderful. Your people are friendly and your skies are sunny. We will miss your fantastic eateries such as Lucille's, Thai Flavor, and Abe's Greek Food. We will miss your luscious mountains and cool air. We will also miss all the healthy, dog walking, environmentally friendly families who are playing baseball on Monday nights.

During the 17 hours that we were on the road to Austin, I jotted down some things that were memorable:

1. Seeing an Oklahoma sunset again
2. Having Sonic for lunch (sonic number 1 with cheese hold the mayo)
3. Having Stephanie read me Hunger Games aloud in the car to keep me awake
4. Watching Dave manuver the 16 foot Penske moving van with ease. That's hot.
5. Passing a mini van where a big brother was helping his little brother put his straw in his drink. You had to be there, it was touching.
6. Stopping at Mexico Lindo for white queso. Mmmmmm...
7. Passing Keystone Lake in Oklahoma and seeing the beautiful green trees.
8. Seeing a sign for Kick-a-poo Nation and knowing I was in Oklahoma
9. Getting to see my 2 adorable nephews for 20 minutes - laying on the bed reading stories and laughing about spiderman.
10. Surprising my sister Stephanie with a pancake breakfast for her birthday.
11. Driving through Norman and seeing the exits I used to take when I went to OU.
12. Passing an old man on I-35 south with veteran bumper stickers and a leopard print steering wheel cover.

Just to elaborate on #9 really quick - my nephews are so cute! Right when we got there, Isaac did a somer sault and said, "can you do that Jessica?" I was about to say "not any more" but then I thought, heck yes I can do a somer sault! In my day, I was the best somer saulter in my neighborhood. So I tossed my purse in the grass and did a clumsy somer sault. His response was, "wow."

In the meantime Alex was doing somer saults and twirl-like moves to impress me. They are both so adorable. Alex calls me "esca" and Isaac said, "Where have you been? We've been waiting for you for 20 years."

I love family.


40 mph or Why You Should not Speed on a Scooter

Well folks, my haphazard klutziness has gotten me once again. How you ask? I was driving a friend's scooter (with Dave on the back) and crashed into a curb. Going 40. Wearing flip flops.

The damage? A couple inches of skin missing, road rash, busted nose, and baseball size bruises. You want pictures? No you don't. My foot looks like something from a horror film. Just image gross. Dave has a pretty deep cut on his leg and some road rash on his foot. Good thing he landed on me though, because I was his airbag.

Oh and the worst part? Scrubbing out the asphalt with a toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide. Ooooooooouuuuu to the ch.


Cancun Photos (or at least some of them)

To see the FULL splendor of the Cancun adventure, click here

But here is a nice sampling:

I think Dave is comfy

Some essentials we picked up at a local eatery called Wal-Mart

Pool and Ocean!

A restaurant called Chocolate City? Yes please.

2nd night sunset

At the top!

We ate lunch at this cute place on the beach


Does it get any cooler?

Check these kids out. This is a 5th grade class who did an end of the school year performance that was a little different...


Stay Tuned

I had to write a quick post to let everyone know that we are moving to Austin, Texas on July 1! It all happened really fast. We got home from our vacation this past Saturday, and Dave got a call that day from the Art Institute of Austin that he got the teaching position he had interviewed for a few weeks ago!

He will be teaching classes in Audio Recording and Live Sound. Let's just say this is the happiest I have seen him about getting a job! He will be freelancing out there as well, so if you know anyone who wants to record a CD in Austin, let us know!

We already found an apartment, and are way excited about it. It is in a city a little north of Austin called Round Rock. We are trying not to think about the fact that it is 105 degrees there today...

Our new city

It's so weird because I remember blogging about our move to Denver almost exactly 1 year ago! Off we go to learn a new place, which is the best part about moving. Finding your favorite restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, etc...

Stay tuned for photos of our trip to CaNcUn. It was amazing and so relaxing.