Janie Girl

Here is my Janie Girl when she was 2 days old 

The first night we brought her home from the hospital, we knew she was going to be fun.  

Her little smile is beautiful and she's been smiling since she was a week old

Her hands get a little outta control when she's around her brother

She loves to play and smile after bath

Her lips are going to have the boys calling in a few years

She sleeps like a champ and can sleep any where, any time.

She's a spitter - so if you hold her...beware

She'll let you know when she's unhappy

She looks like I did when I was a baby

And has to wear a bib because of the aforementioned spit up problem

She has the cutest glare

And is very expressive with her hands.
Here are the many hand positions of Jane Shumway:

She's my little girl


Little E

This is Little E

He likes to sleep on Dave's chest

He has an expression that we lovingly call "dinner plates" which he uses to express unsure feelings 

When he smiles, his eyes smile too

This is his favorite position when he's awake - cuddling you looking over your shoulder

He has LONG eyelashes like his dad and a killer upper lip

And arms like the Michelin Man
His neck rolls have exceeded my wildest dreams

He is the happiest in the morning - even if that is 5am

He blows bubbles with those luscious lips

and when he's done playing with his toys he gives them a stank face

He's my round little bean

He's my boy



I have to say, one of the best feelings is when your kid starts smiling at you. It means a lot to you as a parent. 

It means that your baby is generally pretty happy with his/her life.

It means that they still like you even after you took their temperature where the sun don't shine.

It means that those 4 times you had to get up in the night to adjust/feed/change them were all worth it.


Blessing Day

Jane and Ethan were blessed in church last Sunday.  It was such a wonderful day.  We were so lucky to have so many family members and friends in town! 

I asked my mom if she still had my blessing gown from when I was a baby and she did!  We took it to the dry cleaners and had it prepped for the big day.  Jane looks beautiful:

Dave's mom also had his outfit from his blessing day and mailed it to us.  Ethan looks like a mini Dave in these pictures.  He was so handsome:

It was so fun to have them wear what we wore.  And the beautiful crochet blankets were a gift from my mom.

It was a perfect day with perfect little babies who slept all through the blessing and didn't cry! :)



Jane and Ethan met their 3 cousins Friday night for the first time.  Isaac, Alex, and Nathan are my brother's boys.  Look how cute they are peeking in on Jane:

And they were so excited to hold Ethan and teach him soccer:
Nathan is used to being the baby, so he wasn't sure about Jane.  He also really wanted her bottle so we had to hide it from him since he isn't on bottles anymore!

Nathan (1 and 3 months)

Isaac was loving holding Jane:

And both boys has to give Lady Jane a kiss goodbye before leaving:

As they were leaving for the night, Alex turned around and said, "Um Jessica...I think I like my cousins."  Success! :)