3 Little Nephews

Last time we were in Oklahoma, I got to meet my newest baby nephew, Nathan.  He is such a sweetheart.  Seriously, this kid smiles the BIGGEST smile as soon as you start talking to him.

Isaac (6) and Alex (4) are so fun.  They want to come visit me in Austin this summer so we can go swimming and eat BBQ. :)

Nathan was so good to let me take a few pictures of him outside on a hot day.

Introducing Nathan Samuel:

He's just so dang cute!
I almost put him in my backseat and drove back to Austin.  
Good times in Okie.  Love my family x 7 million.

Also, quick shout out to my little sister Stephanie who is spending her summer as a counselor at Blue Lake Music Camp in Michigan.  She got first chair flute in the professional band and is going to rock her student's world!


She's a brick...HOUSE

She's a beautiful brick house that needs so much love and attention, but we love her already.  So that's where I have been the last few weeks (ahem...month).

Dave and I had a fun closing day.  We got off early from work and went to Chili's for lunch.  Then we headed over to the title company and signed our lives away.

Then we had to go see Coral. Yes, we named our house...and our car...and the computer.
She is named after the street she is on.

It didn't take long before we started putting paint swatches up on the wall.  And maybe we got a little bit carried away...

The Family Room

The Dining Room - which is open to the kitchen and family room
(can you spot the Rudy's cup???)

My Office
And here are a few shots of the backyard

 So what did we do with alllllll those left over paint samples?

We mixed em together and painted our master closet!  But just be sure that you have enough to do the whole thing (if you come visit, you might notice one of our closet walls is a little different than the others). 

Many future blog posts will be coming up about house renovations including:
  • Gardening
  • Painting my kitchen cabinets a creamy white (with my amazing mom's help)
  • Getting all stainless steel appliances (on a tight budget)