Catching up from September

Since I am a little behind on photos, I have a bunch to share from the month of September.  This is when Jane and Ethan were 6 months old and cute cute cute:

They love watching videos of themselves on Dave's iPhone  

 I saw this on our video monitor one night.  Thought it was so cute.

 This was a sweet moment.  I was feeling sad that I didn't get more pictures of them sleeping naked from when they were tiny, so I put Jane in her diaper, wrapped her up, and rocked her to sleep.  Right when I put her down on the couch for some pictures, she woke up!  Her sweet little pink cheeks and soft smiles were so beautiful.

Loving her feet - built in toys 

Ethan strikes a pose! 

I quietly tip toed in to the babies' room and took pictures of the way they slept so I could remember them at this age.  They were totally out!  Didn't even stir. 

Love the way she sleeps 

E with Dave 

Me and my girl 

Kissing my nose 

Nakey Baby! 

Pretty Lady 

Started drinking from a sippy! 

 Curious (I made that lil elephant onesie)

Loves being upside down 

He found a spot of sunshine in the house and played in it. 

So ready to crawl! 

They are starting to interact with each other more! 

Melting my Heart 

I love how he smiles at her.  

Cutest little things waiting to be fed. 

E is so happy to see my mom! 

Bathing my baby Jane like I used to when she was a little baby - in the sink! 

Love this picture so much.  Her rolls are glorious.  

Her favorite part of bath time - sucking on the washcloth. :)

Love this picture, my dad is so happy! 


My dad used to do this to me when I was a baby.  "Go waaaaaay up in the sky like this!"