Family Photo and Some New Tricks

Back in November, we decided it was time to get a family picture of the four of us.  After several attempts, we were finally successful and came out with a pretty cute picture.  I love how accurately this describes Ethan and Jane.  Ethan, reaching for the camera laughing.  Jane is slightly unsure about everything, but happy and just seconds away from giggling.

This picture of Dave and Jane is probably my favorite picture right now. I think I will frame it and put it on my nightstand and stare at it every night for at least 10 minutes. :)

Ok now on to the videos.  Ethan has a new favorite trick. Seriously though, watch his top lip - it doesn't even move.  How does he do it?

And this is Jane's new trick.  She just randomly waved goodbye to Dave on his way out the door one afternoon.  We were like...oh my gosh, she knows how to wave! (Slash, holy crap our daughter is a freaking genius baby)

p.s. could her little belly poking over the highchair tray be any cuter?

Here are a couple more, one video of Janey at HEB (the best grocery store in the world) with me.  She isn't used to being in the grocery store, I usually just leave them with Dave and go alone.  I'm pretty sure people listening to her thought she was injured.  Little did they know, this is what we call her "victory scream."  She usually does it when she's accomplished something, and getting to come to the store alone with me was a big accomplishment in her mind!

And last, check out this cuteness.  E & J have been playing together a little more, and it's so much fun to see them figure out how to share (or steal) toys.  In this video, Jane is peeking through the kitchen toy and when they catch each other's eyes, they giggle like crazy. 


New Year's Day/Week in Oklahoma

Guess what, after this post, and then one more post on the month of January - I'll be caught up!  And you can see my children at their true age instead of a month (or 2) behind.

New Year's in Oklahoma was a blast.  We dressed the babies up in their Christmas outfits again for church since after church on Christmas day they had a total and complete meltdown which means I didn't get pictures.

No seriously, let me just tell you about this Christmas day meltdown.  After church, I was getting things ready to take some pictures and they started fussing, so we decided to feed them first.  They didn't want their bottles.  Or to be changed, or to sleep, or to breathe.  Basically they screamed for 45 minutes.  I think maybe it was just the excitement of Christmas morning catching up with them.  Anyway, after all of that, Dave and I needed a break.  We both felt like screaming ourselves, so we took a drive to find the only corner store in town that was open (on Christmas Sunday mind you) to buy formula and diet dr. peppers.

It was crazy.  We were desperate.  We have twins.

Anyway, look how happy and cute they are here!  This was taken in my mom's entryway:

E is showing some leg for added cuteness 

Can't believe my babies are 10 months old right here:

The weather was so nice, so we went to the Tulsa Zoo - it was the babies' first trip to the zoo:
My sister Steph and Ethan with the elephant 

Jane doesn't know what to think about this turtle 

Here comes the train! 

Both babies didn't care about most of the animals, but Jane LOVED the penguins.  She and my mom stood there for like 10 minutes while Jane laughed and talked to the penguins. 

Jane was worried about the snake.

E, on the other hand, was intrigued.

This little sloth guy was Ethan's favorite animal 

We got to spend a day with my grandma, it was so great to see her!

My mom and her mom :) 

With Great Grandma

For New Year's I threw a party and invited some of my high school friends that were either in town or live in Owasso.  We had tons of fun (and food)

Other than that, we played games, ate delicious meals, hung out with my brother and his family (Ethan and Jane's only cousins!) and made late night runs to McDonalds when strawberry milkshake cravings occurred.  It was such a fun trip!

My sister Steph and her boyfriend Dustin with me and my mom.  I nonchalantly mentioned that we should make a sonic run for milkshakes and within 2 minutes everyone was in the car.  Sonic was closed so we hit up McDonalds!  

  Bath in my mom's jacuzzi tub!

Whoa my sister and I look like twins 

I thought this was me kissing Jane when I first saw this picture.