Christmas in Utah

It was the babies' first Christmas!  And it was so much fun to see them get excited about all the celebration.  We sang Christmas songs around the piano, had a little family talent show, ate some delicious food (they even got to try a few new things) and of course, opened presents.

We were able to go to Utah this year to have Christmas with Dave's family.  It was freezing the whole time but didn't snow once!  The babies will have to wait another year to see snow.

Jane's happy to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Christmas Eve we dressed the babies in their green and red pjs, read Christmas stories, ate a Christmas Eve feast, sang Christmas songs, and stayed up late.  

Ethan with Great Grandpa Shumway 

Jane's checking to see if she has a present 

For Christmas Eve dinner, Pattie made Swedish twists and egg casserole.  We also had OJ and fresh fruit. Yuuuum.  Here is Ethan chilling with Dave and Great Grandma Nomi

Ethan and Layton 

 Jane getting sleepy on Great Grandma Nomi's lap

E is ready to sleep

Then it was Christmas morning!
(Not our best picture - but a required tradition)

So much excitement to see the presents! 

E can't take his eyes off the presents!

Ok bottle first, then presents 

Yum yum yum 

Jane loved this Pinocchio Christmas tree ornament

Ethan is biting the head of Jane's baby doll, just like a big brother should.

And the favorite present of the whole day, a 2 dollar cup from Old Navy.  

E is heading over to steal Jane's cup 

Then he got his own.  Look how he's treasuring it. 
(Not unlike the way Golem treasures the one ring to rule them all.  Ok Lord of the Rings is on my mind because I wanted to watch it the whole Christmas break and I never got to!) 

Too much excitement, Ethan is being hauled off for nap before church. 

Dave got me a beautiful necklace from etsy that has a j and e on it with a little pearl.  I wear it all the time, so beautiful. :) 

Jane in her Christmas dress! 

I especially like the chocolate brown bolero my mom found at the last minute!

My oldest (not in age) friend, Kirsten!  She's expecting a boy soon!  We've been friends since we were classmates in Joy School around age 2 or 3.  She came to visit us the day after Christmas. 

Sweet smile :)


When Jane plays with a toy for the first time, she always touches it with just one finger.  Just to inspect it first. 

Playing with Aunt Meagan and Uncle Matt

 I love this picture of Jane all cuddled up to Meagan

I don't know what they are laughing about, but Jane looks pretty cute with my necklace on.   

Ethan playing trains with Dave's dad 

All the siblings 
Matt, Meagan, Bryan, Jonathan, Layton, Dave, and Me 

This was Jane's talent for the family talent show.  She stole the show! 

I love this picture of Dave's mom with the babies!  She's holding 43 pounds right there!