A Pirate and Little Red

For Jane and Ethan's first Halloween, we decided to dress them up as a pirate and little red riding hood.  They look aaaadorable in their costumes.  Like I want to dress them up like this every day.  We had our church Halloween party already, so they got to give the outfits a spin, and they were a serious hit.


This last picture of them cracks me up, they were so tired and ready to get out of these costumes and go home!  Ethan is jealous that Jane gets to hold the bottle. :)


Baby Mush...I Mean Food

When J&E were 4 months old, the doctor gave us the ok to start feeding them solids. I was all excited thinking that they would love the taste...I mean it HAS to be better than formula, right?

Well they hated it.  Both of them didn't see the point.  So much work for so little reward.  In fact, at first they would just grab the spoon and try to drink it like a bottle - which means they were trying to send me a message = just give us the dang bottle.

At 5 months old the story was the same.  At 6 months old, Ethan started digging the orange stuff, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Jane was still confused at the point of it all and would gag if I even put the spoon in her mouth (which often resulted in 6-8 ounces of formula coming up as a result). 

So we all decided to take a break from baby food for a while.  And when they turned 7 months, we (reluctantly) tried it again.  And guess what, they started liking it!  Now they lunge for the spoon, try to grab it for me, and get inpatient if the next bite isn't coming fast enough.  Here are some photos from when they were 6 months.  Note the uncertainty on Jane's face.


The Jane Dress

When I was pregnant, I went baby clothes shopping with my sister Stephanie.  There was this beautiful light pink knit dress that we died over.  We started calling it The Jane Dress - and this was even before I knew what we were going to name "Baby B" as she was then called.  I still had a few other names in mind, but this dress just seemed like a Jane.

Of course we got the dress and I have been waiting for her to grow in to it so she could wear it to church.  This last Sunday was the day.  She's quite beautiful in it just as I had imagined.

We let the boys join in for one picture. Ethan looked pretty dang cute that day too I might add. Oh and D. Shumway hubs was hot as usual.


Janey and Dave

Jane is a little more reserved than Ethan when it comes to giving up her laughs.  You have to catch her in the right mood.  On rare occasion, a few minutes before bed, she gets deliriously slap-happy and you can catch her in a silly mood

Also, in the last couple of weeks, she's been doing this thing where if you are playing with her she looks around to make sure that someone else is watching.  She wants to make sure everyone is noticing how much fun she's having.  She totally does it at the end of this video - she's just making sure I'm watching.

After clicking play, click the 360p at the bottom and switch it to 1080p - much better quality.
(There was your HD plug Dave)


Updates on Life

I am going to go ahead and blame my lack of blogging on the fact that Dave has mono.  Which is just cruel.  Getting sick with mono when you have two 7 month old babies is just wrong.

Also it miiiight be my fault. I had it when I was 19, so there is a possibility I could have given it to him.  In order to make restitution for that, I have been sleeping in the guest room so he can pop some Advil pm, turn the fan in our room on high, put in ear plugs, and sleep at night.

If you've had mono you know it isn't just like a cold or the flu.  You are tired after you wake up from a 10 hour night of sleep.  You are tired by 5pm and ready for bed.  You are tired all. the. time.  And with twin babies, that becomes interesting.  So Dave's mom is actually coming in to town today - hallelujah.

Here are some things that have been going on around here lately.  Most of these photos were taken in the month of August so the babies are around 6 months old in these photos.

Ethan grew out of his jammies and we had to cut the feet off of several pairs to get some more wear out of them.

He knows!!

Janey's jammies are also looking a little short these days

Cute elephant pjs

 Sunday dinner friends hanging out on the table (we had bbq chicken salad - so good)

 Hanging out upside down - watching football with Dave.

So happy, my camera couldn't even capture his fists of fury.

She wants his toy, look at her determination!

Beautiful Boy with Curls

 Tired girl

 My mom and dad came in to town for a quick visit over conference weekend!

Janey with Grandma Layton

 She loves bath time and playing in the towel after is even more fun.

 All clean and cuddly