It has been too long

Hi everyone. I am sorry that we have betrayed your trust in our blogging abilities. This post is coming almost 2 months after the last one. We vow to never do this again (fingers crossed behind my back).

Ok so we have moved to Colorado. We moved all of our stuff into our apartment and we LOVE it there. We live in Littleton which is a few miles southwest of Denver. When we get our apartment all unpacked and decorated, we will put some pictures on here.

But let me tell you a little about the drive out from Indiana. To sum it up, bent hitches...tornadoes .... and millions in gas money.

We drove a 16 foot Budget truck with a hitch pulling our car behind it. That thing was a beast to drive. I would never do that again. Seriously. Any of you moving...please consider a company called ABF U-Pack

So continuing on...
The budget truck proved to be a huge problem. First of all with the thing getting 8 miles to the gallon, and gas at $4.00 - we are poor.

On the way to Colorado, a storm started brewing. We heard on the radio that there was a tornado forming in Nebraska between mile marker 233 and 253. We were at mile marker 256. So we pulled off the road and took cover in the back room of a gas station...shoulder to shoulder with 15 strangers who were also there to avoid the possibility of being hurled up into a funnel cloud.

The tornado touched down 6 miles from where we were. As we were stowed away in the back closet, we were watching the weather outside from a security camera. There was hail flying by, telephone poles rocking back and forth, and the sky was literally black. After about an hour, we were able to move on.

While trying to back our stupid budget truck and trailer out of the gas station, we bent the hitch! We ended up staying in a town only about an hour away from the scene of all the commotion. Dave got up early (early) the next morning and went to a welder in the tiny town of North Platte, Nebraska. He paid him to straighten up the hitch and weld it back together.

Just for stress relief, I am going to post some pictures of moving trucks doing stupid things because I hate them forever:

Anyway, we eventually got to Colorado safely, and we love our apartment.

Curse you Nebraska.

We are in Provo, Utah right now. Dave is working for the LDS Motion Picture Studio getting some experience in audio recording before he starts the program at UC-Denver in August. I am planning a family reunion that is over the fourth of July weekend and looking for a job in Littleton.