The Bebes {Update at 8 Months}

I am officially 8 months pregnant.  Holla!

We went to the doc yesterday for my 8 month checkup.  They remeasured the babies and found that they are still growing at a nice and healthy rate.  In fact the doc said they are overachievers...just saying they get that from Dave. Baby boy is weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces and baby girl is 4 pounds 13 ounces.  That means I have over 9 pounds of baby in here already and at least 3 more weeks to go!

Profile of baby boy Shumway at 32 weeks.  Baby girl was facing my back so they couldn't get a picture. We went to the specialist yesterday and they actually don't do as good of a good providing me with photos.  This was the only one we got, but it is cute!

Dave has been rocking it up with the camera lately.  Here are a few extra photos he took this morning:

So I have 3-6 more weeks to go - meaning if I went in to labor in 3 weeks, everything would hopefully be ok.  But it would be better if I could wait until 38 weeks (6 more weeks).  I will do whatever I can, but I have a feeling it is out of my hands a little bit.  And judging by the size of my ankles...not sure how much longer I will last!


Elephantitis and a Work Party!

Ok here is the thing, I was going to put a picture on here about how my ankles (ahem kankles) are so huge...but then I was thinking, who wants to see THAT?  Then I thought, I will want to see it in 3 years.  So for your enjoyment ladies and gentleman...Elephantitis-Twin-Kankles:

Now mind you, they aren't like this all the time.  But it for real freaks me out.  P.s. do you like our new quilt?  I got it on 70% off sale at Anthropologie.  My kankles almost aren't good enough to be resting on it.

So on to more pretty things, look at this adorable, wonderful, fun party that my coworker threw for me today!

And look who got to stop by for the party!  The father of my children.  Love him a lot.
I have felt so blessed lately by all the wonderful people who have given me things for the babies.  Some people have bought presents and some have passed their loved items down to me.  I just can't say how grateful I am for the love and support I have felt from family and friends.  We could not do this without you (and remember I said this when I call to ask you to babysit).


Just Sayin...Kind of a Big Deal

Did I ever tell you about the time my little sisters decided I should marry Dave?  It was when he came to Oklahoma to visit for a week during the summer when we were dating.  At one point, they heard him playing the piano and singing.  To hear what he sang click here:

Previous Post Including Dave's Song that Makes me Swoon

Ya that's good stuff.  So we got married (obviously I couldn't let anyone else have THAT).

And just to put the cherry on top of the whole story, he now also wins Employee of a Lifetime awards (or was it employee of the spring? Anyway it was a big deal).

Ya he got a little trophy and basically all the students at his school love him and want him to be their mentor/teacher forever/dad.  Gets a little weird sometimes.  So proud of him.

Also, he is officially forever done with school.  I know you're saying, "This is an outrage, I thought he already was done."  Technically he still had his thesis to finish for his masters degree in Colorado.  Turns out he ended up completing it sort of last minute (he works well under pressure). How fun does this sound though...his thesis is the complete framework and lesson plans for a college course on audio for video games.  He is living his dream for sure.

Here it is completed and beautiful in all its scholastic glory.

Just proud of him and now I want to shout to the world "WE ARE DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER."  Except then Sallie Mae would hear me and knock on my door with a bill that I am not ready to face quite yet.  Listen Sally, we have twins coming.  How do you feel about breaking up?  We can still be friends (I'm lying, we totally can't and I really hate you a lot).

Have a fun weekend everyone!


A Sister in Town!

Guess who came and surprised me on Thursday afternoon?

My sister Stephanie!

She called me at work and was like, "Hey what are you doing?"  and I said, "I have to go do something really quick let me call you back." and she was like, "Well I'm right outside your work so I just wanted to say hi."

I just said, huh?  But I opened my classroom door and there she was!!  She came to help me organize/paint/and buy things for the babies' room.  She drove straight here from Oklahoma and stayed with us until Sunday. :)  I miss her already and all her mad painting skillz.

My multi talented sister made these beautiful vintage inspired baby blankets for me.  The fabric depicts classic nursery rhymes

Baby clothes in the wash, we organized them all by size and outfit type. It was so much more fun than organizing my own clothes.

I think Dave was sick of painting after we did the second color in this room - the first color turned out straight up purple.  Like lavender.  Which would be ok if we wanted purple, but we wanted a taupe-ish gray.  Hence painter-gone-mad face!

That night we treated ourselves to some strawberry cheesecake

Day 2 - Ikea adventure!

Ending with a trip to our favorite restaurant. :)


7 Months and Totally Nesting

What does the term nesting even mean?  I read in all these parenting catalogs about how you start to nest in your third trimester.  I finally looked it up and here is what wikipedia taught me:

Nesting instinct refers to an instinct or urge in pregnant animals to prepare a home for the upcoming newborn(s). It is found in a variety of animals (both mammals and birds) including humans.

Oh ok!  So like that feeling of wanting to have everything in the house completely ready in the next 8 weeks.  Yep.  I have that right now.  Big time.  And because of the whole being huge and pregnant thing, Dave gets to do most of the preparations right now that include bending or lifting.

Last night he put together one of the cribs in the babies' room:

He did a pretty amazing job!  So that's one crib down, one to go.  Oh and paint the room, put together the bedding, get a dresser/changing table, wash all the baby clothes, and make drapes.  Not too many things at all...right? 

Updated baby photos of baby faces, looking more and more like babies every day. :)

Our Son (or as the ultrasound tech lovingly calls him, "Baby A")
You can see him sucking on his bottom lip.

Our Daughter (a.k.a. "Baby B")
Her arm is across her face - which by the way is exactly how I like to sleep.