Kitchen Makeover - Before and Afters!

Ok so FINALLY I am posting some before and afters of the house!  Wow - we've lived here how long now?  Also at one point in this blog I insinuated that this was going to turn in to a house remodeling blog.  And 1 year later I am doing the first post.

But check out our remodeled kitchen!  The only thing that stayed the same is the floor.  We redid the cabinets (painted by myself and my mom), the counter tops (Ikea butcher block), the appliances (mostly all from craigslist) and the bascksplash (white tile installed by Dave and my dad).

Here are the before and afters:





Here are some more details:
Toaster, Flour and Sugar, and Kitchen-aid - all within easy reach

Stainless steel appliances found on craigslist!

Mail Sorter and Cooking Utensils 

We loved this hardware for the cabinet doors

  New Pendant Light above the Bar and Drum Shade above the Table

We Love this Long Breakfast Bar

Sink and Bottle Making Station

Bread Basket and Fruit Stand

Now here it is in the making!
 There wasn't much cooking going on in this kitchen.  But here is Dave installing the new stove and dishwasher.

Old cabinets and Rudy's cup :)
Cute hubs going something cute I'm sure.  Check out the newly installed stove.
Cute mom cleaning the stove.

Time to Paint the Cabinets 
(which was a 4 day adventure by the way - not as easy as HGTV makes it sound)
We sanded, labeled, and stacked all the cupboards and drawers.
 Looking back, I would suggest using a small electric sander.  But we cleaned the cabinets hard core with TSP before hand.  Good thing I wasn't pregnant, pretty sure this stuff is toxic to humans just by looking at it.

 Then we sanded some more...

And more...
Look at my mom's tan legs by the way, nice!

And kept on sanding for 1 1/2 days!  We didn't even paint until the second day. 

Ok Day 2, now we paint:

 Oil Based Primer first (nasty crap but good crap).

Which stinks and is hard to clean up after.  

 All primed and ready for the first coat of latex paint.  Once primed they had to sit for 1 whole day AND we sanded after we primed before the first coat of paint.

Now the real paint, Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore.  Beautiful white with yellowish cream undertones.  Perfect for the kitchen.  Not too yellow and not too white.

We did thick even brush strokes with a brush not a roller.

They had to sit for a whole day before the second coat.

Second coat went on and looked great (we sanded again in between the 2 coats of paint).


 Now this is the hard part - WAITING!  They have to sit for at least 4 days before you hang them again.  Otherwise they will be sticky every time you open them.

But finally they were up and the hardware went in.  It looked so nice!

It was quite the project.  Probably tied with the hardwood floors that Dave put in.  Which will be another blog post. :)


Edda Phillips said...

WOW! Looks so beautiful and quite the upgrade! So glad you could have your mom there to help - aren't mommies the best??

Erin said...

it looks so awesome!!! yall did a great job!

Kirsten said...

Love it. I want to live in your kitchen! Beautiful job, Shums!!

Alycia said...

So beautiful--and so much work! Love the color! Love the stainless appliances too!

martin said...

it's a sweeckid awesome kitchen.
and i applaud you for a brilliant countertop choice.