1 Month Old and in Real Outfits Now!

I had to take some pictures of Jane and Ethan in their first real outfits (not sleepers).  It is getting a little more fun to dress them in cute clothes since they don't cry as much during diaper/clothing changes.  I mean, you would be upset too if there was someone shoving your arm through a onesie. 

Jane's shirt says "pint sized" and she's laying on a beautiful blanket that Dave's mom made:

I made Ethan's onesie - it's a little yellow giraffe.  It's an applique iron on thingy.  And check out the beautiful blanket he is laying on - my mom made it:

Dave's mom is still here helping us out (thank goodness).  She'll be here until Friday.  These kids are so lucky to have so many loving grandparents and friends that hold them and love on them. 

Can't believe it has been a month already.  They're growing fast and I'm trying to hold on to every moment.  Except when Ethan fountain peed on me earlier today.  That one I can forget. :)


Basking in the Sun

When I was pregnant with twins (ya like 1 month ago) the only thing I could think to relieve anxiety about the coming change was, "we'll have them on the same schedule."  That way, it's really like having 1 baby, just double the amount of feeding/changing. 


Nope.  Jane and Ethan are different people.  They don't always want to do things at the same time.  That is what happened last night when we were up with them 6 times.  6.  Times.

Silly kids thought the middle of the night was day time.  Ha ha ha (crazy sleep deprived laughter).  But guess what the result is?  Oh so cute sleeping kids this afternoon.  Their cuteness makes up for the amount of sleep lost last night.

For real, check out this cuteness

Here's hoping that as they get older, they like mom's idea of a schedule...


3 Weeks Old and Increasingly Cute

Here are the most recent photos of Ethan and Jane.  They were 3 weeks on Monday, hard to believe they are almost a month old already.  They have such individual personalities, for example:

-Awake for long periods of time during the day
-Literally watches TV with Dave - especially if there is a BYU game on
-Makes a cute little coo sound when he's eating
-Likes for you to hold his hand while he's eating
-Great sleeper (even though Jane wakes him up some times)

-So expressive with her hands, they are always up by her face.  She will put out her palm in front of her face if you are doing something she doesn't like.  We call it Jane's "talk to the hand" move.
-Cries really loud in the night for 1 second and falls right back to sleep
-Loves to be held while she's sleeping
-Smiles if you touch her nose with your nose

Both of them are starting to spend more time awake and focusing on our faces when we talk to them.  Just these little changes make me realize how quickly they are going to grow!


When There Were 12 Hours To Go...

My friend Michele took this picture of me literally 12 hours before I ended up having the babies (little did I know at the time).  This is me at my MOST pregnant.  Crazy to think that these babies fit in there.  However I did get rather large, so it makes sense I guess.


At their most recent doctor's appointment, Ethan and Jane both caught up to their birth weights and have gained extra ounces beyond!  Jane was born 6 pounds 4 ounces and is now 6 pounds 12 ounces.  Ethan was born 5 pounds 10 ounces and is now 6 pounds 5 ounces.  They are still just tiny and we are working on figuring out feeding/sleeping schedules every day.

Schedule?  What schedule?

One is beckoning to me right now so I must go soon.  My parents leave tomorrow afternoon and Dave's parents come tomorrow night.  Not sure how we would do this without the help of our family.  They are amazing.


Family Nap

She might be hard to spot, but baby Jane is in here too
Ethan made a squawk and Jane did a big smile


Home from the Hospital

I had mixed feelings about coming home from the hospital.  On one hand, they take care of you and the babies so you can rest.  On the other hand, they come in and take your blood pressure every 2 hours so you can't rest.

All in all, we couldn't wait to get home with these babies and get them in their own clothes and in their own beds.

They may have been born on the same day, 1 minute apart, but they are completely different. 

Jane is mini me.  She is feisty, knows what she wants and wants it right away.  She's a cuddler, hates baths, hates getting her diaper and clothes changed, loves eating and being swaddled.  She loves her hands and always has then on her face somewhere when she's sleeping.

Ethan is a lot like Dave.  Calm, curious, and content. :)  He is my little quiet boy - he is content to just look around and hates being held on your shoulder because he can't see what's going on.  He falls asleep within 5 minutes of starting a feeding, hates baths and hates diaper and clothing changes.

Here are some photos from our first week home: