A Snow Day in Austin

Yesterday it snowed...a lot! Granted it was a lot for Austin, not a lot for the other snow infested states I have lived in (Utah, Colorado, and let's not forget Indiana and the Great Snow Storm of 2007).

Anyway, because of the frigid weather and sleet/snow, school was cancelled halfway through the day! I got to go home at 12:30. It was so fun, Dave got to come home at 2:00. I decided that we weren't going to do anything responsible for the afternoon, so we got sodas from our favorite corner store, Wag-a-Bag (new concoction, diet dp with a shot of wild cherry pepsi) and watched a movie.

We curled up on the couch under our warmest down blanket and watched a romantic movie called Aliens. Wait what? Romantic?

Well maybe not romantic, but seriously entertaining. The movie was on TV, so it basically took 3 hours to get through it, but good old Sigourney Weaver did not disappoint through the entire movie.

Afterwards we made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner and watched outside as huge flakes of snow melted instantly when they touched the ground that was 72 degrees the day before.

Love me some Austin snow days.


The Meaning of Manners

This last Tuesday, a friend of mine and I hosted an etiquette dinner for some of the youth group at our church. We did it up with wine glasses (filled with sprite), a 3 course meal, classical music playing in the background, and lessons on how to stay in check at the dinner table.

Of course, they didn't hear most of the lesson part because about 10 minutes in to the dinner, they were laughing, telling jokes, and acting like rich British women who were on vacation in the Hamptons. It was hilarious to hear what they came up with.

In other news, I recently booked 2 photo sessions for the spring. So excited for it to pick back up again. For more info on j. shumway photos click here


Come Back Home

Today has been a hard one...and it's only 12:15. This morning at work, a teenage girl came in to my classroom crying because she used the morning after pill and doesn't think it worked. She already has 1 child, and now she thinks she is pregnant again. I told her to get on birth control in the future and gave her information on where you can go to get it for free.

When she left I was in a state of perplexity. Why? Why would she continue to do the things that have made her so unhappy in the past. Why do people continue to do anything that is harmful, guilt-inducing, or destructive?

Sometimes I struggle with being in an environment full of people that have made bad choices. But doesn't everyone deserve a chance? A chance to change their hearts. A chance to reunite their beliefs with their actions. Now if only they all wanted to...


Birthday Bash

This was probably the funnest (yes it's a word) birthday of my post-20-year-old birthdays. Friday my coworker (and roomie in my portable) threw a little party for me with some of our students.

She had the place all decorated and a huge chocolate cake. The students were all asking me questions like, "how old are you miss?" When I told them that I was turning 26, they either said, "I'm almost your age" or "Ya that's old." Real cute.
They also asked, "what's your boyfriend got planned miss?" Then I tell them I am married and they are super surprised and want to know if Dave is black or white.

Anyway, back to my birthday. Here are some photos:
My classroom
My portable-mate Teresa and me

Later on Friday night, we headed over to Julie's for a party with friends:

The Party Planning Committee Lauren and Julie. :) Thanks girls!!

We had burgers, fried pickles, pina colada smoothies, cookie cake, and cheesecake bites!

We played the Newlywed game! (Dave and I won by 10 points...we were also some of the least newly WEDS there, but still the important part is that we obviously love each other the most right?)

"26" baby!
My friend Lauren is a baker and when she asked me what kind of cake I wanted, the answer was easy...COOKIE CAKE. I seriously love this stuff. She also made me cheesecake bites because she knows how much I love those too.

Then on Saturday, my sweet husband took me out to eat at Macaroni Grill and surprised me with an overnight stay at the San Gabriel House Bed and Breakfast in Georgetown. It was such a cute place. The house was over 100 years old!

So ya, it was a wonderful weekend.