Excuses, Excuses...

So it's my second day of work this last Tuesday and I get up with plenty of time to really do my hair and make up (you know first impressions and all). I walk out to my car with the exact amount of time I need to get there on time. I put the car in reverse and I hear "klunk, perklunk, you're gonna be late, klunk."

I run out of the car to see the front right tire completely flat. To the rim. I dash inside the house and yell (before I made it all the way inside), "Dave fire up the motorcycle I need a ride to school."

Dave was in his pjs (his day off) but I have never seen him get dressed so fast. We were on the motorcycle on our way to my school in 2 minutes flat (no pun intended).

That was the easy part.

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle in 45 degree weather with no sunglasses on or face cover for your eyes? My eyes were watering worse than when I watched that really good Liberty Mutual commercial (posted below). I have 2 words for you ladies...smeared mascara. Also crazy hair.

Welcome to day 2 of work. I am sure my boss loved introducing me to the higher ups, "This is Jessica, she was a lot more hygenic when we first hired her."
Oh here's the commercial that I was talking about. It's a goodie


Cheers to My New Job

(The title of this post is for my sister Stephanie who was the only one that truly understood my 6 year old imagination.)

Yes you heard (read) me right. I have a day job. I call it that because I am still doing photography on Saturdays.

I am a teacher for an alternative high school in Round Rock. Those of you who really know me (this is kind of a test to see if you are a real friend) know that I love teaching and especially high school.

Initial thoughts:

a. public education needs more funding.

Why do I say that?
I don't have a desk chair.

Ok...ok...there are more important things to a job than chairs. But seriously? No desk chair?

b. I think this job is going to be awesome.

-I am teaching Child Development and Parenting. So far I have met a few teachers and just observed. I am sharing a classroom (review point a earlier in post) with another teacher and we are going to be a power team, I can already tell.

So cheers to my new job. Cheers to being a teacher (one of the greatest professions ever!) and cheers to teaching birth control methods to my alternative students.

Oh YA!! It's my littlest sister's 18th birthday today. I wanna give a shout out to LeAnne! Happy Birthday beautiful sister who I love and admire:

the birthday girl


2nd Happiest Place on Earth

Turns out the old guy that offered to take this photo was the owner of the museum.

He's a natural

Different looks of Dr. Pepper through the years

That slogan was my fav.

After we went through the museum, we went to the authentic soda shop. The lady made us Dr. Pepper regular and Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. How was it? Have you ever gotten a slushy at the corner store and let it melt, then drank the sugary melted liquid? That's exactly what cane sugar dr. pepper tastes like.


I Promise...

I promise that I am not ignoring this blog. I have a great post coming up about going to a special place here in Texas (you'll have to wait and see). Let's just say Dave was like a kid in a candy store.

I do have a question for you though. Are you in Oklahoma and want to get your pictures taken?

I am going to be in Owasso from November 13-15 and am booking a few photo sessions while I am in town. If you want to get your Christmas card photo done or any other type of photos, shoot me an email:


And check back soon for some updates from the Shumways.

By the way, Austin is a great place to be in November. 70s and sunny all week. This weather is making up for the hotttttttt summer.