Apartment Hunting

Dave and I spent a week in Denver looking for an apartment and it was really scary.

This tale begins with Dave and I doing research for months and months...looking for the perfect (or at least not mold infested) place to live while Dave does his Masters in Audio Recording. We had an extensive list of 25 apartments to check out that were within our price range.

Finding a decent rental is so hard. You want one that:

a. doesn't smell
b. doesn't have any weird stains on the carpet (if you have to ask "what was that?" it could be a red flag)
c. is reasonably close to your school/work
d. you can afford
e. is big enough that you can't touch turn on the sink from the couch
f-z. you feel safe being there

After 4 days of searching...still no apartment.
Here is the problem - the 25 places that we thought were wonderful lied. So we increased our
price range and took a different tactic...we just drove around until one of us said, "stop here."

And then there are leasing agents who say stupid things like, "What are you looking for today?" And after a dozen times, we start saying things like, "um...an apartment." At one point Dave wanted to say, "Look, we want something bigger, better, and cheaper than the last place...GO!"

At last, we found it. The long sought after clean, bright, and safe apartment. It is in Littleton, Colorado, about a 30 minute drive to Dave's school. I am hoping to find a job close by. We are really happy to be moving here, and while it was quite scary to find an apartment we liked, Dave and I will always keep in mind this one thing...we won.

Come visit us and the pools (both of them) are as good as yours!



Jennah said...

I can't wait to lay out at BOTH pools!!!! Holla :)

Bob C. said...

Sheesh... We haven't even started our post-MBA apartment hunt, and here you have some pretty sweet photos of pools we want now.

So are those the real pools? Or are you just posting random pictures to make us jealous? :-)

Holly said...

I'm so jealous! This place is beautiful...and did I mention I'm jealous?

Mo & Mel said...

Gorgeous! Hopefully we can come visit soon!