Labor Day Weekend

Dave and I had a really fun Labor Day weekend. Friday was a wedding of a close friend of mine. My family (minus Brandon, Amber, and the boys) were all in town for the occasion. My sisters, Stephanie and LeAnne, and my parents all came to Littleton and stayed with us at our apartment. The weekend was tons of fun complete with pool time and yummy food.


Emma said...

you look beautiful Jessica! I can't wait to visit.

Jennah said...

Hot Stuff!!!! I miss you sooo much! Can we please have a roommate weekend soon...minus Ken Dogg!

t and e said...

Hey it's Emily from the lafayette ward. i saw your blog on the nishidas blog. i see that you moved, is that littleton, colorado? because if so i grew up just north in Cheyenne, Wyoming. so how are things going? hope things are good.