Christmas in Breck

Dave and I spent Christmas eve and Christmas day in Breckenridge, Colorado which is a little ski town. We stayed at a cute lodge there. We brought all of our Christmas presents up with us, went shopping, drank hot chocolate, and watched Christmas movies all night! Oh so fun and oh so cold. Really cold.

On the the gondola ride at Breckenridge Resort

Trees just outside our lodge

Entrance to our lodge

The view just outside our room


Audra and Justin said...

It's so pretty! I bet you two had a blast! I'm jealous of your little getaway, but not of all that snow!

Sarah and Robbie said...

I love Breckenridge. I went there on a ski trip with my family when I was about 11. (Oh, memories *sigh*)

And, in fact, I AM jealous of all that snow! I want to make a snowman . . .

The Steoger Fam said...

Oh how I pine for the Rocky Mountains!