Picnic on a Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday, we were driving home from church in 60 degree weather, and my sister LeAnne suggested that we have a picnic. The idea was unanimously accepted. We made paninis, brought apples, crackers, cookies, and diet dp (of course).


Lance and Jessica said...

How fun! Thats awesome that LeAnne is there with you guys too.
P.s. I love the pics you post on here. I loved that photo of your flip flops a while back too.
You have a sweet camera-and I am way jealous!
P.P.S can you inform me either publicly or privately on what kind of camera you have? I have been doing some research on my dream camera which will be in the future, so I would love to know.
Thank you!

Emma said...

If I come to visit you, will you make me paninis? That sounds like such a nice way to spend a Sunny Sunday!