Cancun Photos (or at least some of them)

To see the FULL splendor of the Cancun adventure, click here

But here is a nice sampling:

I think Dave is comfy

Some essentials we picked up at a local eatery called Wal-Mart

Pool and Ocean!

A restaurant called Chocolate City? Yes please.

2nd night sunset

At the top!

We ate lunch at this cute place on the beach


luke and briton alo said...

Did I already tell you how much I want to go to Cancun now? Oh right, yes I did. Well, I double want to go after looking at these again. So that means you should be a travel photographer.

Edda Phillips said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You should submit some of these pictures to the hotel or travel agency or something, 'cuz I can totally see these in a magazine someday.

And I don't think that we'll be there within the next week... so goo luck with your move!

Anna May said...

beautiful! i want to go...

Jennah said...

You are such a talented photographer! I love all your pictures and I can't wait to see the NYC post!!! :)