Updates from Utah part 1

We have been in Provo now for 3 days, and I gotta tell you - we love it here.

The crisp air, the mountains, the soft green grass, the LACK of humidity. :) It's all good and it's all beautiful.

The second that we got in to town, Dave and I met up with some old friends and went to Burgers Supreme. There are few times that I see Dave as happy as he was on our wedding day, eating at Burgers Supreme is one of them.

Thursday we helped prep for the big wedding and I actually went to a Child Development class with my sister Steph. I was a college kid again! Too bad it was the class on birthing and delivery with a very detailed video that I tried to forget from 2003.

Friday was the wedding and it was perfect. The Salt Lake temple was as beautiful as ever, the sky was deep blue, the air was cool and carried the smell of flowers from temple square. Dave's little sister Meagan was married to Matt at 8:20 that morning. Pictures to follow (I won't post all 107 of them though).

Dave and I have a certain fondness for Provo, since we met, dated, and got married here. Every time we visit, we toy with the idea of living here one day. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for right now, I am headed to Cafe Rio to enjoy a pulled pork salad! :)


Julie Allen said...

I'm glad that everything went well! We miss Provo sometimes too! It really is a beautiful place...but I just have to say....Austin is calling your name!

Amy and Clark said...

Enjoy it for me!

Janssen said...

Bart would be so so so so happy if we lived in Provo.

And I would be happy to be so near Burger Supreme :)

Lauren Bingham said...

Provo is the worst. Avoid like the plague.