Catching up from September

Since I am a little behind on photos, I have a bunch to share from the month of September.  This is when Jane and Ethan were 6 months old and cute cute cute:

They love watching videos of themselves on Dave's iPhone  

 I saw this on our video monitor one night.  Thought it was so cute.

 This was a sweet moment.  I was feeling sad that I didn't get more pictures of them sleeping naked from when they were tiny, so I put Jane in her diaper, wrapped her up, and rocked her to sleep.  Right when I put her down on the couch for some pictures, she woke up!  Her sweet little pink cheeks and soft smiles were so beautiful.

Loving her feet - built in toys 

Ethan strikes a pose! 

I quietly tip toed in to the babies' room and took pictures of the way they slept so I could remember them at this age.  They were totally out!  Didn't even stir. 

Love the way she sleeps 

E with Dave 

Me and my girl 

Kissing my nose 

Nakey Baby! 

Pretty Lady 

Started drinking from a sippy! 

 Curious (I made that lil elephant onesie)

Loves being upside down 

He found a spot of sunshine in the house and played in it. 

So ready to crawl! 

They are starting to interact with each other more! 

Melting my Heart 

I love how he smiles at her.  

Cutest little things waiting to be fed. 

E is so happy to see my mom! 

Bathing my baby Jane like I used to when she was a little baby - in the sink! 

Love this picture so much.  Her rolls are glorious.  

Her favorite part of bath time - sucking on the washcloth. :)

Love this picture, my dad is so happy! 


My dad used to do this to me when I was a baby.  "Go waaaaaay up in the sky like this!"


Bryan&Kendall LeDuc said...

jess... sooo cute!!! oh my gosh! the one where ethan is "striking a pose" i died laughing at!! and with jane where she woke up and you can just see her cute face under her blanket.... oh my goodness! they seem like such happy babies!

Jonathan said...

Can't wait to see you! Thanks for the pics:)

Jessica said...

How great is it that you have all these beautiful professional pictures of your babies! They are so sweet!

Edda Phillips said...

So Adorable! I absolutely LOVE the nakey picture when they're both in they're bumbo chairs. :) And I about died laughing at Ethan's pose as well. What a great mom to capture all of these precious moments!

Stephanie Shumway said...

Oh my goodness your babies are adorable! Love to find other Shumway bloggers :) Congrats on the precious kiddos!

Stephanie Shumway said...
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Stephanie Shumway said...
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