Family Photo and Some New Tricks

Back in November, we decided it was time to get a family picture of the four of us.  After several attempts, we were finally successful and came out with a pretty cute picture.  I love how accurately this describes Ethan and Jane.  Ethan, reaching for the camera laughing.  Jane is slightly unsure about everything, but happy and just seconds away from giggling.

This picture of Dave and Jane is probably my favorite picture right now. I think I will frame it and put it on my nightstand and stare at it every night for at least 10 minutes. :)

Ok now on to the videos.  Ethan has a new favorite trick. Seriously though, watch his top lip - it doesn't even move.  How does he do it?

And this is Jane's new trick.  She just randomly waved goodbye to Dave on his way out the door one afternoon.  We were like...oh my gosh, she knows how to wave! (Slash, holy crap our daughter is a freaking genius baby)

p.s. could her little belly poking over the highchair tray be any cuter?

Here are a couple more, one video of Janey at HEB (the best grocery store in the world) with me.  She isn't used to being in the grocery store, I usually just leave them with Dave and go alone.  I'm pretty sure people listening to her thought she was injured.  Little did they know, this is what we call her "victory scream."  She usually does it when she's accomplished something, and getting to come to the store alone with me was a big accomplishment in her mind!

And last, check out this cuteness.  E & J have been playing together a little more, and it's so much fun to see them figure out how to share (or steal) toys.  In this video, Jane is peeking through the kitchen toy and when they catch each other's eyes, they giggle like crazy. 


Meagan said...

SO SO CUTE! They are doing tons more things just since Christmas!

Stacie Aho said...

MJ and I loved watching those little videos. I love how proud Jane looks after waving. Darling!! And Ethan's lips are to die for!

jkhoek said...

I'm obsessed! Oh they are so cute! And growing up so so much! I need to see them soon...love you guys!