New Foods and the Discovery of TV {January}

January was a month that started out awful, but ended great.  When we got back from our trips to Utah and Oklahoma, of course all 4 of us got sick, starting with me.  I started feeling sick on the plane ride home and the next day, I was totally passed out on the bed for 18 hours straight.

Dave had to go back to work, which means we had to call in some reinforcements to come watch the babies in shifts.  I was so out of it, I didn't even know who was coming or when, so thank you Dave for scheduling things and thank you friends (and possibly strangers) for lovingly caring for my babies.

Then everyone got better and the month ended on a high note with a trip to The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner.  Fonduuuuuuu I love you.

But as much as I love cheesy melted goodness, I love her more:

And him too...

{diapers and bibs} 

Getting better at eating by himself every day.  He's learned the 2 finger trick for hard to pick up items like bananas. 

 So proud of himself.  Even though he has zero teeth, he can still eat anything Jane can!

 Janey is my fruit lover - her favorite food hands down is blueberries. By this time, she had 4 teeth, 2 on bottom, 2 on top.

Sharing their new favorite Christmas toy 


I sweep a lot.

"All my Single Ladies!" 

E's upper lip is luscious.

Guess she doesn't like that song. 

Getting Sleepy 

Have I mentioned that he's sweet? 

My beautiful girl

Watching Baby Einstein!  It took until they were 11 months old before they cared about it, but now it's fun for them to watch while they eat or play.

Pretty sure they are doing baby yoga 

Then Melting Pot for my birthday was a special treat.  Dave got a babysitter {shout out to Lauren} and we headed out.  I was pretty sure we were going there since I sent this text to Dave about a few days before my birthday:

Here we are at The Melting Pot:

The next morning, I was brushing my teeth and as I came out of the bathroom, I saw this:
She loves chocolate, just like me. My sister sent this chocolate bar in a birthday package to me and I guess Jane wanted a bite. Also, look at that glorious bed head! 

Jane is learning the advantages of having 4 teeth. :)

January was a good good month.  And February brought more fun including the babies' 1 year birthday party.  There will be more cupcake mess than you ever dreamed of.


Jennah said...

Those babies are just too dang cute! What beautiful pictures! Can you teach me how to take amazing pictures when I come to visit?? Love you all!

Amy and Clark said...

Those kids make me SO happy. LOVE the pics so much. They are both beautiful, beautiful babies.
Also, there is nothing wrong with a not-so-subtle hint when it comes to gift-giving. Makes everyone happy. :)

Ashley said...

Your commentary is cracking me up. And then of course there's your pictures - and your talent makes me love that I know you, and then makes me want to eat a chocolate bar because I want that talent but heaven knows I ain't got it.

Also - your documentary of your lives is darling - so fun to read through your perspective even though I see/talk to you weekly. Your babies are luscious. and Edible. And I would like them instead of my chocolate bar actually. Hope thats okay.

Love you friend.