This Is My New Classroom

Today we have a special guest post by Dave:

As most of you may know, I started yet another masters degree, this time in audio production at the University of Colorado Denver. You've gotten the jist of life back in the Rockies from Jessica's postings, but I'll give you a little taste of what school has been like so far.


No, seriously, last week I recorded gunfire for Transformers 2 and Wolverine.

School rocks.

The above pictures are 1) the school's new $150K Neve console, 2) the field recording setup for the Transformers/Wolverine session, 3) recording the "action" sounds of a variety of big, burly weapons, 4) the 10 microphones we set up to capture the sound from every angle, and 5) catching some of the amazing echos bouncing off the mountains.

This is school? Count me in.


Martin said...

i plan on standing up in the theater and clapping every time there is a gun shot.

Bob Caswell said...

Why didn't I get your autograph BEFORE?!

Jennah said...

Dave it's so good to see you blogging on here! I've missed my little David! I'm so excited for you. So glad school is going well! I will come and visit soon and maybe just maybe you can record my voice for a movie!

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Wow that we want your job. It sounds awesome making sound bites for movies. We're glad to hear you guys are loving life in Denver!! We are also a little jealous. Hopefully someday we too will be back out west. In the meantime enjoy every minute for us!

Jamie said...

Davey! I'm SO excited for you! This is exactly what you were meant to do my friend! And I think I may join Martin in his standing ovations! <3