The Mighty Mighty Cougars

This past weekend, Dave and I went to Fort Collins for the BYU v. CSU football game

We had to make a stop and try some gelato at this cute place downtown


Chocolate Peanut Butter...mmm...

It was gone so fast

On our way to the game now

 The stadium is gorgeous

We were pretty much the only cougar fans in a sea of green. 
We had many bad looks thrown our way because...
BYU won!  45-42!

At first Dave and I tried to cheer quietly so that no one would notice, but seriously -- this game was intense.  So the secret high fives and whispered, "Go Cougars" didn't last long.  Towards the end of the game, Dave had both hands high up in the air in a fashion that can only be described as:



Don said...

Hey, hey! Found you on the blogosphere. Drum on!

diana palmer said...

jessica, you're such a hottie. and i don't just throw that term around lightly.

go cougs and go jessica.

Emma said...

So glad you got to go to that game. Bummer we couldn't be there with you. Sorry I never got the tickets for you from my dad.

The Runyons said...

My boys Rob, Jared & Trevor (with Rick Paice from the ward) were helping you cheer at this game! You weren't as alone as you thought you were.