Hi everyone. Sorry we haven't blogged in a while. But get ready, because we have 2 or 3 posts brewing.

First I wanted to talk about traditions. Last year, Dave and I started a Christmas tradition of our own. We make a yummy dinner and watch White Christmas together.

Last night it was Cream Cheese Enchiladas (see recipe in next blog post)
What are your favorite Christmas traditions?
(Upcoming Blog posts include Thanksgiving Cruise and Greatest Tv Music ever = Terminator)


luke and briton alo said...

Recipe PLEASE.

We, and I use that loosely, watch Polar Express at least 5 times from Thanksgiving till Christmas. And Elf, and about 25 other Christmas shows. Luke and Noa snuggle up on the floor in front of the t.v. and they both just love it. I am a scrooge and do anything BUT watch them!

hedderb said...

yes...recipe please!

Kimberlee said...

ok those Cream Cheese Enchiladas looked delicious and if you have time and could let me know how to make them id love to know how!!!

Emma said...

Every year we each get a new Christmas Ornament to put on the tree. The ornaments usually have a theme of some sort. This year it was snowmen. I also bake sugar cookies, and we frost them and deliver them to friends.