Sunsets and Disasters

I was really happy last night. I actually don't know why, but here are some of my speculations:

*After work, Dave and I went swimming and tanned by the pool in the 80 degree weather.

*Walking back from the pool, a man was cutting the grass around our apartment grounds and the smell of freshly cut grass reminded me of being a kid.

*This song was playing over and over in my head Hands by Ms. John Soda

*I went to the grocery store and on my way I saw this at approximately 8:18pm:

So now onto a tale - a tale of grocery store disaster. I have been on this kick lately of slashing our grocery budget by $50 a month. I cut out $15 worth of coupons and gave myself a certain limit for the amount I could spend last night. As I was walking around I was feeling really good about my choices of food products.

An older gentleman in the bakery even flirted with me when I asked, "Could you slice this loaf of bread or is it too late?" He replied, "With a smile like that, it's never too late for you." What does that even mean? Oh well, my bread was lovingly sliced to perfection.

Now back to the disaster part of this tale.


Let's just say that even after my coupons, I was over budget...by double. Listen, I can't help it if avocados, cherries, braeburn apples, freshly sliced turkey, and baby swiss tempt me!

Maybe next time I will do better.


luke and briton alo said...

Your checkout disaster is why Luke does the shopping...I would buy nothing but Gatorade and fancy salad dressing, sun dried tomatoes, pretty much anything delicious and useless.

Thoming said...

The only way we stay remotely close to our budget (currently $30-$40 a week) is by my adding up every single item as we move through the store.

It's ridiculously tedious, but as an added bonus, it helps me remember how to do simple addition and multiplication. :)