Broccoli and Birds

We are watching a parrot for some of our friends who are out of town.

His name is Bee Bop

He is such a good bird! This morning I was heating something up in the microwave, and when I pushed the buttons, Bee Bop mimicked the sound of the beeping on the microwave. Like exactly though, not just a chirp. It was like he had a little recorder box in his throat! I was kind of confused at first, but it is SO cool!

Meet Bee Bop

Also, I answered the phone this morning and (since it was my dad calling from Australia) I enthusiastically answered "Heeeellllloooo!" Well, Bee Bop copied me! I heard this "hello" in the background. Once again, I was confused and amused.

You should buy some of these to use for fresh steamed vegetables.
I am telling you, they are so easy to use and my broccoli was vibrantly green and delicious the other night!
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Janssen said...

Fun to see the bird in action yesterday. Especially eating wheat thins.

Amy and Clark said...

That is hilarious. And Bee Bop is a fabulous bird name!