Cheers to My New Job

(The title of this post is for my sister Stephanie who was the only one that truly understood my 6 year old imagination.)

Yes you heard (read) me right. I have a day job. I call it that because I am still doing photography on Saturdays.

I am a teacher for an alternative high school in Round Rock. Those of you who really know me (this is kind of a test to see if you are a real friend) know that I love teaching and especially high school.

Initial thoughts:

a. public education needs more funding.

Why do I say that?
I don't have a desk chair.

Ok...ok...there are more important things to a job than chairs. But seriously? No desk chair?

b. I think this job is going to be awesome.

-I am teaching Child Development and Parenting. So far I have met a few teachers and just observed. I am sharing a classroom (review point a earlier in post) with another teacher and we are going to be a power team, I can already tell.

So cheers to my new job. Cheers to being a teacher (one of the greatest professions ever!) and cheers to teaching birth control methods to my alternative students.

Oh YA!! It's my littlest sister's 18th birthday today. I wanna give a shout out to LeAnne! Happy Birthday beautiful sister who I love and admire:

the birthday girl


Shums said...

Cheers! Can't wait to hear some stories about your classes.

Barbara said...


-Love Bean :D

Julie Allen said...

I am sooo happy that it is working out!