Excuses, Excuses...

So it's my second day of work this last Tuesday and I get up with plenty of time to really do my hair and make up (you know first impressions and all). I walk out to my car with the exact amount of time I need to get there on time. I put the car in reverse and I hear "klunk, perklunk, you're gonna be late, klunk."

I run out of the car to see the front right tire completely flat. To the rim. I dash inside the house and yell (before I made it all the way inside), "Dave fire up the motorcycle I need a ride to school."

Dave was in his pjs (his day off) but I have never seen him get dressed so fast. We were on the motorcycle on our way to my school in 2 minutes flat (no pun intended).

That was the easy part.

Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle in 45 degree weather with no sunglasses on or face cover for your eyes? My eyes were watering worse than when I watched that really good Liberty Mutual commercial (posted below). I have 2 words for you ladies...smeared mascara. Also crazy hair.

Welcome to day 2 of work. I am sure my boss loved introducing me to the higher ups, "This is Jessica, she was a lot more hygenic when we first hired her."
Oh here's the commercial that I was talking about. It's a goodie


Kirsten said...

Good story though. Good thing you have a biker husband.

And I too love that commercial. Especially the music.

Jenai said...

Umm I could not stop laughing as I was reading this. "Fire up the motorcycle I need a ride to school". I am still laughing. Either you are really funny, or am easily amused. I think it's the former...

Anna May said...

So funny. I could picture the whole string of events. And the picture is perfect :)

Amy and Clark said...

Well, lucky for you that your disheveled look is still amazingly beautiful :)
I'm anxious to hear more details about your job? I was taught at an alternative high school in Logan...Have you found a chair yet?