A Snow Day in Austin

Yesterday it snowed...a lot! Granted it was a lot for Austin, not a lot for the other snow infested states I have lived in (Utah, Colorado, and let's not forget Indiana and the Great Snow Storm of 2007).

Anyway, because of the frigid weather and sleet/snow, school was cancelled halfway through the day! I got to go home at 12:30. It was so fun, Dave got to come home at 2:00. I decided that we weren't going to do anything responsible for the afternoon, so we got sodas from our favorite corner store, Wag-a-Bag (new concoction, diet dp with a shot of wild cherry pepsi) and watched a movie.

We curled up on the couch under our warmest down blanket and watched a romantic movie called Aliens. Wait what? Romantic?

Well maybe not romantic, but seriously entertaining. The movie was on TV, so it basically took 3 hours to get through it, but good old Sigourney Weaver did not disappoint through the entire movie.

Afterwards we made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner and watched outside as huge flakes of snow melted instantly when they touched the ground that was 72 degrees the day before.

Love me some Austin snow days.


Amy and Clark said...

Snow in general is practically a completely different experience in the south, isn't it! Glad you were able to make it warm and cozy and yummy. Now you just have to hope it doesn't make for awful school make up days.

Janssen said...

Sounds like an utterly delightful day!

Jessica said...

Have you always called it "soda"? I'll bet you still say "bolth" for "both," too, don't ya? ;)